Why you will not find the one in online dating

it’s 11 pm and i decided to write this blog for everyone one who has their trust in online dating apps or websites in searching for their The One. Tinder and Omegle are just one of the online dating application which grew fame and launched thousand of users. Swipe here, swipe there, find guys/women near you, put your interests, what’s your asl, this introduction that you use can lead to conversations, exchange numbers, and meetups, sometimes heartache. But remember, You will not find the one in an online dating application.

  1. Trust is an issue

You started as strangers, so how can you trust a person you barely know?. They may be good in chatting that captures you attention, but in the end, you don’t know him/her personally.

2.The Intention

Majority of the users are besides from they are bored, they want to hook up with someone. It also causes the growth of HIV positives. You may not be getting their intention at first because they talk to you like they just want to be friends. But wake up, be aware of what they want to you, friendship or lust.

3. Honesty

you chatted, you met, you became in a relationship. How happy is that, being in relationship you just met on omegle?, tinder?. He or she may love you, but the fact you started online dating doesn’t assure he or she is honest. If he or she got bored to you, he or she can just use the application again and search for another one.

This online dating can be as fun as you think, but frankly speaking there is a very low chance you will find the one in here. Isn’t it better and sweeter if both of you met personally?. These applications are just for bored people who wants to have fun