Cheers To A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

This piece was originally published on 5/12/2016. We edited the article to provide a further update, and to encourage you to help every woman feel and be fabulous.

VienneMilano is thrilled to announce the completion of a successful crowdfunding campaign! We are delighted to be featured in the A Celebration of Female Entrepreneurs section on Indiegogo. We are also one of the few fashion brands to have successfully completed a crowdfunding project via Indiegogo.

From March 28 to May 8th, we raised $30,022 reaching 100% of our Indiegogo campaign goal, to help every woman feel and be fabulous with luxury hosiery. Supporters of our campaign got to select their choice of thigh highs in August 2016. Deliveries of pre-ordered stay ups (also known as hold ups), were done between September — October of 2016. At the same time, we were working with several customers who purchased our Become-A-Designer perk, to help co-design our next collection in both Boston and Milan. One particular backer was even featured in our marketing campaign, as she took advantage of our Become-A-Model opportunity to join our photoshoot! Take a look at her photos below.

So, what else have we done since May 8th, you may ask? Well, let me tell you, it has been an exciting journey!

  1. Held a successful photoshoot at the Boston Park Plaza in downtown Boston
  2. Re-launched our website with a completely new makeover
  3. Introduced new collections: Permanent, Signature, and Vintage Collections
  4. And perhaps another one is on the way? ;)

Missed out on our perks? No worries! You can still enjoy our fabulous vintage stockings, or a modeling opportunity, via our Indiegogo campaign, as it is currently running on “InDemand” mode. In the mean time, VienneMilano will continue to keep you posted with new developments.

To see our latest crowdfunding updates, be sure to check out our social media pages (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and our Indiegogo project page

Stay fabulous!

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