Hollywood Legends in Thigh Highs

When you think of world renowned actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Norma Talmadge, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Was it sophistication, strength, independence, and/or class? Yep, that’s what we thought too. Not only are these women Hollywood legends, but also stars who flaunted their (…You guessed it) thigh high stockings!

You will definitely be able to recognize their faces from their classic films with people all over the world praising their virtuosities, beauty and style. Elizabeth Taylor played a self-made woman who was strong-minded and willful to make a better life for herself in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Norma Talmadge portrayed a brave girl who tries to save her father from getting in trouble after he used a trust fund for his personal speculations in The Only Woman. Nothing says girl power like these roles! Each actress played a woman who had strong merits; women who faced many challenges but held it together and best of all, women who made those thigh highs classic and memorable. Actresses Sophia Loren, and Catherine Deveuve also personified this great combination of elegance and sensuality all while wearing thigh highs.

The year 1963 was a stellar year in the history of thigh highs in classic movies. Why? It was when Italian film star Sophia Loren slowly and sexily removed her stockings for Marcello Mastroianni in Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Was there ever a more iconic representative of Italian elegance and sensuality than Loren in that scene? In her role, Lauren depicted three different women who were all very sassy and seductive- how impressive is that? It is now over 50 years later, but stockings are still the symbol of seduction par excellence.

In the film Belle de Jour (1967), the elegant French actress Catherine Deneuve is portrayed in a garter belt and stockings while working as a high-class call girl. The film, directed by Luis Bunuel, has been re-released many times in recognition of its status as a classic. Catherine Deneuve has been immortalized as the face of France. Certainly her sexuality in the film is in the classic French tradition: reserved but knowing, elegant, and supremely sensual.

Silk stockings have always been valued for their charm, refinement and elegance. Of course, both Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve unfastened their stockings from a garter belt. Today, unlike in the 1960s, you can have all these attributes while also enjoying stockings that provide freedom, comfort and sensuality. VienneMilano thigh highs stay up because of a special silicone band so light it is as if it isn’t there. No garter belt or binding suspenders are needed (Thank goodness!). Our stockings are much more comfortable, because the bands do not pinch or compress the leg. They also feel much more secure than conventional thigh highs- they will never fall down. That way, you can feel comfortable, sexy, and free.

VienneMilano thigh highs are a combination of sensuality and self-awareness that are perfect for outfits both simple and sophisticated. They provide a method of dressing to all those women who do not want to go unnoticed and love to wear hosiery that make them unique and recognizable. Your legs will be perfect and ultra-feminine! Our thigh highs allow you to wear patterns or prints. They are suited to high-level meetings at the job or to romantic dinners. You can wear our OTTAVIA lace thigh highs for romance, our GIORGIA fishnet for sexiness, or nude, like Catherine, for harmonizing with everything. If you want to emulate Sophia, you can purchase sensual ISABELLA black thigh highs, or for a more retro glam our ALBA back seam. If you want transparency and romanticism, you can buy our nude or ivory GRAZIANA thigh highs or our ISABELLA sheer nude thigh highs. What’s more, they prove that stockings which stay up effortlessly can be synonymous with sensuality and with comfort.

The significance of wearing thigh highs in these films has a literal influence as well as a figurative one. They literally added that extra spice and flair to their outfits that had everyone in deep admiration and figuratively, they represent the amount of power a woman can have and the complexity of each woman’s character. Thigh high stockings made them remarkable and distinctive, which surely helped define their iconic stature.

The development of new and improved hosiery allows us to express ourselves more easily as women are more encouraged and empowered than ever to show off their sense of style. Today, beautiful and talented celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Eva Longoria (just to name a few) have worn thigh highs as they pave the way to becoming the next generation of Hollywood legends!

Who are your favorite Hollywood legends? Who do you think wore thigh highs the best?

Originally published at www.viennemilano.com.