[Biggest Newspaper of Economics and Investment]-Interview article-Vietnam Press-

【Date】June 22, 2017, Vietnam Press had the opportunity to see one of Vietnam’s largest economic magazines

At the meeting, we met with Mr. Phung Huy Hao, journalist and secretary of the editorial office and they welcomed us with warm atmosphere.

【Company Profile】
【Media name】
①Vietnam Investment Review

②Investment Newspaper

③Investment Securities

④Real Estate Investment Newspaper

⑤Electronic Newspaper.

⑥Time Out

*This Company is belonged to Ministry of Planning and Investment and manages 6Media.

【Category】Newspapers, Magazines, Electronic Newspapers.

【Since】 1991.

【Main Readers】Entrepreneurs, Business Companies

【Issued Numbers & Issued Frequency】

①Vietnamese Investment Review: Unknown, published 3 times a week
 Website: vir.com.vn

②Investment Newspaper: 40 000 copies, published weekly

③Investment Securities : 40 000 copies, weekly publication
Website: Tinnhanhchungkhoan.vn

④Real Estate Investment Newspaper: 20 000 copies, published weekly.

⑤Electronic Newspaper: 1 million

⑥Time Out :General entertainment information — published monthly.

【Position in Vietnam】
Considered as the largest specialized newspaper in Vietnam under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

【Company Size】 
There are about 200 journalists in the whole country, 120 in Ho Chi Minh City, 50 in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest in provinces.

For Vietnam Press: Mr. Phung Huy Hao and Investment Press welcomed Vietnam Press in enthusiasm, and fully agreed to cooperate with Daisei VEHO WORKS in general and Vietnam Press service.

【PIC’s Comments】 
Mr. Phung Huy Hao is looking forward to a long-term relationship with Vietnam Press, as Hao said that what Vietnam Press doing these is perfectly suited to their mission as well as the aspirations of the Investment Review, a bridge promoting the spirit of development cooperation and trade promotion in the period of global integration as today. Good meeting with goodwill from both sides.

【Writer’s Comment】 
Investment Newspaper is one of the great newspapers in the field of economics, the headquarters of the newspaper at 47 Quan Thanh was established in 2010 with a very decorative face. Staff are attentive and work with a professional style, enthusiastic style is the impression hard to fade for Vietnam Press.

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