How to be Twitch Famous

According to community members and a Social Media Specialist

In order to achieve anything on the internet in regard to what the kids call ‘clout’ it’s a process. So to decipher what works from the popular idea we set out to interview as many members of the community as possible to get what they feel is working for them.

Social Media


Many people have lost friends, family, and relationships because of the slow realization that even have a small influence on twitch takes months to years of a full-blown lifestyle change.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something I touched on in one way or another in almost every preceding section. In short, it is the act of making your content findable on the internet.


Twitch has an export to YouTube function but yous should be downloading your clips anyways and if you can editing them. When you upload a video to social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram it makes it so search engines will prioritize it over a link. You have to name the file something that would rank in a search to add value to it but most importantly you should be focusing on continuity.

Content Managment

I see a lot of guides make the mistake of promoting their way of doing things. You can rank in a search engine for any number of tags but think to yourself what might someone be searching in regards to the content I am posting.

This also comes down to learning how to stagnate your content. You are more than likely not hitting 3–4 mind-blowing clips every night. So learn to adjust the rate at which you post to your productivity. Even if it means reusing an old clip if you can find to give it a new life it might be more successful then the first time you posted it.

Another common method is to have your meta tags in check. However sticking the words Variety, Single Game, Creative, or Speedrunner isn't going to necessarily draw in viewers. It is important to be descriptive of who you are. This comes in the form of video series, titles, descriptions, and any other opportunity you have to write content.

Including your social media. There are resources such as tweetful out there in order for you to automatically keywords from users. This is slightly discouraged because the use of bots is strictly forbidden. So tread at your own risk. The truth of the matter is if you can narrow down your target market enough you can find the meaningful interaction you should be partaking in fairly easily. Bots like tweetful only cast a wide and sometimes ineffective net.