The Sliver of a Prison Window

A poem celebrating the beauty and freedom of a simple view.

By Dortell Williams

Pillowy clouds float across the sheet of blue above

A tranquil bird maneuvers, an agile soaring dove.

It views the bald mountains, celestial and substantive

Across its beak the refreshing air slices sharply as a shiv.

The river below meanders curvaceous in its might

Sunrays bounce obediently off the water long until night.

Stars blink and wink and twinkle, all in dreamy light

An atmospheric paradise unfolds from ground or flight.

Azure to the east, metallic in the south

Mesmerizing and inviting, like an alluring mouth.

You cannot make it, you cannot break it, but it is totally free

Through the sliver of my prison window, I, too, can see.

About the Author

Dortell Williams has made it his mission to focus on self-rehabilitation. He recently graduated from seminary school and is pursuing an AA in business and a BA in communication theory from California State University-Los Angeles. A published author, he loves to read, mentor youth and help crime survivors heal from their trauma. He can be reached at H-45771/A5–204 P.O.Box 4430 Lancaster CA 93539 or at

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