Photo by Hillary Duffy

With Our Own Eyes


Clutching wine in one hand and a gallery brochure in the other, hundreds of happy attendees came to RayKo Photo Center on Wednesday night for the opening of the new exhibit “With Our Own Eyes.” Curated by gallery director Ann Jastrab and ViewFind editorial director Judy Walgren, the show features work by 35 artists, exploring the genres of street photography, photojournalism and social documentary.

Though the collection demands to be seen as a whole, here are a few examples of the brilliant work on view at Rayko:

Photo by Dane Pollock

Dane Pollok’s There, There — 
Gertrude Stein said of Oakland: “There is no there there.” She wrote this after revisiting the city of her childhood, only to find that the house she grew up in had been replaced by apartments. Alongside this eerie parallel to current times, Oakland is also a city that has long lived in the shadow of San Francisco. Even now, many outsiders might agree in finding it difficult to attribute place to Oakland. Yet, what did Stein mean? What is a ‘there’?

Photo by Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland’s GOOD BAD PEOPLE — Photographed over a year’s time, GOOD BAD PEOPLE documents the tumultuous lives of more than 40 meth users from Sand Mountain, a sandstone plateau in northeast Alabama infamous for meth production, poultry processing plants, and Pentecostal snake-handlers.

Photo by Itay Levin

Itay Levin’s Positions: Pending soldiers during “Solid Rock” Operation in Gaza — The soldiers inhabited public institutions, schools and hotels; these were transformed into housing for the soldiers during operation. The cyclical and systematic typology of the images in the series demonstrates the stagnation, the fatigue of the situation.

To see the exhibition for yourself, visit RayKo between August 3rd — September 6th.

Photo by Ann Jastrab

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