Your Week on ViewFind: March 11, 2016

This week on ViewFind, survivors of acid attacks find new hope, Steel City sees a renaissance, women fight back against ISIS, and a woman boxer goes pro. Born again bikers hit the road, Africa’s teen moms adjust to motherhood, soccer players compete for gender equality, India’s women take the wheel, and refugees risk it all on a European exodus.

Burned, Scarred Women Find New Hope After Acid Attacks

by Farzana Hossen

Disfigured faces and bodies, permanent blindness, mouths that can’t consume food. These women have been the victim of acid burn attacks in Bangladesh. Their assailants? Men they know, often spouses or boyfriends.

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The Changing Face of America’s Steel City

by Maddie McGarvey

I’ve lived in a dozen different places in my 25 years, but for some reason this town I’ve never actually lived in feels the most like home. The city is shifting and changing in ways I’ve never seen: abandoned warehouse are now skate parks, and old factories are community gardens.

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Meet the Kurdish Women Battling ISIS in Syria

by Maryam Ashrafi

The Syrian Civil War has torn apart homes, families and entire communities. But while many families have fled for the relative safety of Europe, a group of Kurdish women have stayed behind in Northern Syria and taken up arms to rebuild and reclaim their lives.

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Knockout: A Year in Training for A Life in the Ring

by Erin Lefevre

The first time photojournalist Erin Lefevre met Casey Morton, she photographed one of her training sessions at World Class Boxing Gym in San Francisco as a part of a female boxing project.

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Worshiping on The Open Road

by Lauren Pond

I didn’t know what to expect when I set out to document the lives of born again Christian bikers. What began as coverage of a few worship services quickly became a longer-term story, as the worshippers of the Rushing Wind Biker Church took me on motorcycle rides, shared meals with me at Denny’s, and welcomed me into their community.

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For Africa’s Teens, A Child Changes Everything

by Paolo Patruno

Africa has the world’s highest rate of adolescent pregnancy, a factor that affects the health, education and the earning potential of millions of African girls. These girls are becoming women too early.

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For The Right To Play

by Claudia Wiens

Every four years, the FIFA Women’s World Cup brings unprecedented attention to women’s soccer, showing it can draw the same fans and fervor as the men’s game. For the women soccer players of the Middle East and North Africa, the competition means increased awareness for their sport and a chance to continue pushing for gender equality and the right to play.

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India’s Women Take The Driver’s Seat

by Claudio Montesano Casillas

On Indian roads, the sight of a professional woman driver is still rare. Though driving a taxi or a car for hire can mean a stable livelihood, the industry remains dominated by men.

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Sojourn Through Europe, Searching for Home

by Souvid Datta

This autumn, I set out to follow Middle Eastern and African refugees as they bravely travelled 4000 kilometers across eight countries, searching for a new, safe home in Europe.

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