Introducing ViewsHub

ViewsHub is a realtime ratings platform for teams.

What is ViewsHub?

ViewsHub is used by employees to rate and give feedback to teams in their organization (both teams they are a member of and other teams in the company) helping them understand how to boost team performance, productivity and work better together.

Team Ratings

Everyone is a member of at least one team and will work with many other teams in the company. Using ViewsHub to rate teams in your organization lets you anonymously give your views on how you think those teams are performing.

These ratings aggregate to give an overall picture of what’s great (and maybe not so great!) about each team in the company, and how well each team works, both internally and externally between other teams (For example, how does IT rate Sales).

Team Feedback

Giving feedback can be very personal so ViewsHub allows you to give feedback (anonymously if you wish) directly to the team as a whole, instead of just an individual team member. The feedback can be seen by all team members who can jump in to the conversation and respond. It’s your platform to share your ideas or comments with every team in your organization. The feedback is archived so you can go back and check out old posts and see what progress has been made to address earlier suggestions.

Using ViewsHub

ViewsHub doesn’t need an administrator to set it up, and any employee can start using it right away (signup takes about 30 seconds… try it here). You’ll need your company email address to get going, and will immediately become part of your company’s exclusive ViewsHub, only accessible to your company members.

Our Mission

We want to help teams work better together by helping them identify what works well and what doesn’t in each team, and opening up communication between them. We want to give employees a platform in which they feel comfortable to share their views on the company and teams they work with.

Head over to to take a look. We hope you enjoy using ViewsHub as much as we have enjoyed building it.

— Greg and the team