Viggo Hotel TV: Efficiency and Simplicity with a Cutting Edge Approach

One of the biggest trends currently taking over the hotel management world is the Smart TV. It adds appeal and sophistication and can draw in more customers who are looking for the very best for their stay, and at the same time it operates as an additional source of revenue for hotels, since it can contain services they can charge for. More and more hotels are priding themselves on providing Smart TVs in guest rooms — and for a good reason.

The trouble is that Smart TVs can be very expensive. Replacing sets in multiple rooms — whether you own a small boutique resort or hundreds of rooms — can be a very serious commitment, financially speaking. Well, the good news are that now you don’t have to make a whole project of it. If you have TVs in rooms already (any TV at all, so long as it has an HDMI connection!), Viggo Hotel TV will do the rest for you.

Viggo is a geniusly simple cloud-based solution for all your Smart TV needs. With just a small box and a few clicks it transforms any TV into a Smart TV, which you can now fill with everything your hotel has to offer — from internet, applications and VOD services to extra hotel services, local information and more. It is technology at its best: an innovative invention which at the same time is super user-friendly.

The great thing about Viggo is that it connects, via a cloud service, to your guests’ mobile devices. That way, if they wish they can control the TV set, get in touch with hotel staff quickly and easily, and navigate all menus and the many things your hotel offers them in an intuitive and simple way — and in every language, too, for your international guests’ comfort.

Since many different people will be using it, Viggo puts of course an emphasis on privacy and protection of your guests’ information. All personal data is deleted from the system automatically at check-out.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how the Viggo Hotel TV works for you. Using this interactive solution you can now present to guests chargeable services and even display advertising and promotional material. That makes it more than just cost-effective but an actual additional revenue source. Viggo’s interface allows you to create content yourself without needing any prior technical knowledge or experience. You simply insert and edit anything that you want to show up on your guests’ screens, and create new content in no time.

Viggo is also very easy to administrate. It is managed using a browser, and again, since it is a cloud-based service, you can do it from anywhere at all with an internet connection. There you can access the content management system, send guests messages, review its use in different rooms and more. With Viggo Hotel TV and its cutting edge technology you can provide your guests with that extra mile and get yourself more involved, happier customers.

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