If God were a speck of dust

I know I might have made some navels to pop with a title like that, but hey let’s just discuss the possibilities here.

Let’s look at a tree, what grows to be a strong and glorious tree, standing tall and protecting the ones below it, reaping fruit and shelter for those who seek it, endlessly giving without expectation, a place to call home for many species on this planet. A tree is very much a tree from the tip of its root to the leafs that wither from it.

Likewise from the very distant black space that no one till to date can put a length or breadth to it, has particles sliding, floating or something that you feel like describing exist within that space. I personally feel that that one particle, perhaps so small that our modern day microscopes will have trouble zooming into, is God.

My theory is not of hear or say but of my own personal opinion. It’s palpable in my experience as I breakdown a flower, an animal, a tree, and many other things around us that God has to be so small to exist with and through us.

God as we refer, many a times if you realise becomes an experience of feeling.It’s a holy feeling, feeling holy, I feel good, I feel fresh. All these that we hear and say, are about experiencing God as a feeling. When you head to a temple, mosque, church or any other place of worship. You will describe a feeling and experience it from within. So we can agree that God is not a thing, we go there to invoke the thought of God and benefit the feeling which becomes our experience. Its just amazing.

Sadhguru once said jokingly, if the buffalo was to think of God, it would imagine that God must be a very very big buffalo. Like wise as humans, it’s only normal to assume that God must be bigger than us. Someone who is as big as the earth, the Galaxy, the black space. It’s just natural.

In my opinion, on the contrary I think God is smaller than the smallest thing u know that has ever existed.