Originally published by Vignesh Subramani on Durofy.

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Starting a business from an idea and running it efficiently, often does not depend on lessons learned from books or other pedagogies. It is more about the real-life challenges and how well you tackle them.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, or even our home-grown example of the Bansals, did not rise to fame with their business ventures overnight. It took a lot of grit and careful planning and strategizing and re-strategizing with every failure, to reach the stage where they have reached now.

In the current fast-paced world with its depleting natural resources and green cover, what exists in abundance is — knowledge. It is free, it is simple and it is universal. It needs no mighty degree from premier educational institutions or hours of slogging over voluminous journals! If only we would keep the eyes of our mind open, we would be thrilled to see the forms in which complex lessons manifest themselves in the simple everyday objects around us. …


Vignesh Subramani

Digital Marketing Trainer & Helping startups to achieve their business goals. vigneshsubramani.com

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