Love is so strong and powerful. It can make anything happen. This is what Anita Moorjani and Emmanuel Dagher, specialists in personal growth, taught us during the BeingOne forum that occurred last month in Madrid, Spain.

They both had difficult and challenging lives.

Anita Moorjani experienced the feeling of being close to death. She suffered from a rare type of cancer and the doctors assumed she was condemned, there was no solution that could save her life. However, after a few months of recovery, she was back on her feet again. For doctors, only a miracle could explain what happened. Anita is aware of her luck. From this moment, she realised how short and beautiful life is and how it can be taken away so fast. She decided then to dedicate her life to show people how to love and how to live the best they can.

According to her, love is a natural state which all human beings are born with.

However, we live in a society and a culture where difference is bad. We are afraid of people who look different from us. She explains that all the changes and chaos that are happening in our current world are due to fear and conflict. The solution to all of this is love, giving love and receiving love.

Anita commented that those who consider it difficult to find themselves (because of their past, their childhood, or because they were surrounded by people who convinced them they were not worth it) will give love easier compared to others. To be able to give and receive love, you should love yourself. The easier you find it to receive love, abundance, and prosperity, the most likely it is you will feel fulfilled.

Emmanuel Dagher has a completely different story. He was raised during the Lebanese war where he saw people suffer and lose their beloved ones. Growing up during this difficult time made him develop a level of compassion and consciousness he now shares with thousands of people.

Emmanuel highlights the importance of loving ourselves to be happy and fulfilled. We have been told that love is complicated, difficult to obtain and deserve, and hard to find. In reality, love is simple but we create all these complications to protect ourselves from fear. Unconditional love towards ourselves and others is the way to prosperity.

Start by loving yourself and expand this love to everything that surrounds you.