Taking the plunge

Tim stared out at the ground below him. His legs trembled in fear as he looked at the sheer drop awaiting him. He gulped in fear, and he started to have doubts. He shook his head, he had to do it. For the sake of his family, he had to do it.

He had a wife and two kids, as well as his parents to support. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, he worked day and night as a site supervisor in a construction firm. The pay was not fantastic, but he made do with what he had. It enabled him to cover the mortgage for the house as well as settle the school fees for his children. His parents and wife, tried to pull their weight as well. They tried to bring in some income by selling homemade pies and muffins. Living was tough but hey, his family had each other and that was a lot.

Then he had fallen sick, and seen the doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with cancer. Terminal in fact, he probably had about 5–6 months to live. Maybe a little longer of he signed up for the treatment. That was when the world came crashing down for Tim. He hadn’t planned on living forever, but he had at least counted on being able to stay alive till he had provided enough for his family! Till he had ensured that they would be able to survive! Especially his children! He imagined the fate that would befall them if he was gone. Would they beg on the streets? Or would they be part of some child labour camp?

He had not told his family about it. He knew what they would tell him. They would tell him to get admitted and immediately start the treatment. Tim had no intention of squandering away whatever meagre savings his family possessed on procedures that would only postpone his expiry. He still had a life insurance policy.

So he now found himself at the construction site, balanced on a strut, looking down at the vast expanse below him. This was the only option available for him. The coroner’s report would say that the reason would be accidental death at the workplace. The insurance company would deliver the payout to his family, and hopefully his wife could use it to start the bakery that she always wanted to. That would help his family a long way.

He fumbled into his pocket and drew his wallet. He took out the picture he had of his family. He blinked back his tears as he took one last look at his family. He ran his fingers over the picture, wishing that he could see them in person one last time.

I’m sorry Dad, Mom, sorry that I couldn’t be a better son, sorry to leave before you two. I’m sorry Maria, sorry that I was such an incapable husband, I couldn’t live up to your aspirations. Thomas and Pauline, my darlings, I’m so sorry, sorry that daddy can’t get for you the things that you always wanted. Hopefully when I’m gone that would change for you guys. Look after Gramps and Grannie, and don’t give mama any problems. Be good.

Tim wiped his tears as he told his goodbyes to his family. It was time to go, before the first batch of workers start arriving. He took a deep breath and plunged.

The G-force rocked him as he fell. The ground rose to meet him.


Tim felt himself plucked away in mid-air.

“There’s still some life left in you. If you do not want your life, then give it to me! I could use your extra strength to help me get away from the band!”, Karayan rasped.

Tim’s eyes widened in horror as Karayan bit into his neck and drained the life from him. He could do nothing as Karayan flung his dessicated body across like some unwanted piece of trash. His neck snapped mid-way and he did not feel the impact his body made when it hit the ground.

Though his last thought was that his insurance policy does not cover the acts of godlike beings.