Writing the rules

The news had spread like wildfire. The whole town was abuzz with the news. The whole town was singing the praises of this unknown gunslinger who had thrashed the Sheriff’s goons and had called the Sheriff out for a duel. Word was going around about how he was going to deliver them from the Sheriff’s tyranny.

Newton Brown paced up and down in his office. After all that he had struggled with, after going to so many lengths. He finally had a fiefdom of his own, and now some idiot threatened to bring it all crashing down! He could not let this happen! HE MUST WIN! This was an affront to his rule, and it must be dealt with.

“What are my chances if I take this guy down on a duel?”, he questioned Smith.

“He’s fast, faster than anything ah’ve ever seen in mah life boss! Ah dun think ya can win him in a duel! He’s also built like a bull, muscle and sinew everywhere!”, Smith replied.

Brown grabbed Smith by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the wall.

“Are you trying to say that I will lose to this stranger? You ungrateful dog!”, Brown questioned him.

Smith gulped as he looked into Brown’s eyes.

“As bad as it sounds, that’s the truth boss!”, Smith replied.

Brown started to squeeze Smith’s throat in anger.

“C’mon boss! We gotta be practical here! What little Smithy is saying is that there is a chance that you could lose. Instead of killing the poor messenger, how bout we try to overcome the obstacle?”, Clyde questioned.

Brown let go of Smith as he turned to face Clyde. Smith dropped like a sack of potatoes and slumped onto the floor. Brown ran his fingers over his hair as he replied.

“How do you want me to go about doing that? I’ve barely got two hours before the duel! How am I gonna be faster than the bloke?”, Brown questioned.

“Who says you gotta play by the rules Boss? You’re the bloody Sheriff here! What you say is the rule! Write your own ones!”, Clyde replied.

As the full bearing of Clyde’s words sunk into him, Brown’s eyes lit up, he clapped his hands in triumph.

“Y’know you might have just given me the best idea! Just the kind of opportunity to dash the hopes of these foolish folk and strike some fear in their hearts!” Brown proclaimed.

He slung his arm around Clyde’s shoulder and started to whisper in ear.

“Listen carefully, this is what I need you to do….”.