8 Thottakal — Visual Analysis.

7 and half months gone in 2017,for me personally “8 Thottakal” is one of the two good tamil films i watched in this year.The other being “Maanagaram”.

After watching the film,I felt like natural sunlight has been well handled which complemented the scenes and situation of the film.Colors can affect us psychologically often without us being aware and can be used as a strong device within a story.Here its being done.

I liked the dialogues from the antagonist police constable who turned into a bank robber after his wife’s death depicting the middle class people society’s life style and sufferings.

Whenever he is conversing with his gang,a warm tone from natural light depicting the tension in scenes and with his family back home cold tone maintained with help of blue curtains depicting harmony are notable ones.lets quickly see the visuals.

M.S.Bhaskar, a well renowed Tamil character artist’s potential as police constable has been used to best here in this film.

Natural light usage at its best.
Blue curtains making it cool.
Red depicting lust.
Here is the man who does whatever he wishes knowing he is going to die soon .
The film ends with credits to notable ones.