Getting into “Into the wild”

From a 16 year old teenage girl,a hippie couple,a 70 year old retired army man,every single person he meets in his nomadic life misses him when he leaves them after a short stint in their life.Who is he? Christopher Johnson Mccandless, a 23 year old extremist,an aesthetic voyager who follows below lines.

Technical brilliance in non linear film making,cinematography,background scores,narration & philosophical dialogues.Everything in this film just syncs up. A good film becomes a great film to the targeted audience when they able to relate and connect to it.This is in that bracket.I am able to.

Some interesting subtle observations while enjoying the film I put up below.

Film starts with Chris penning a note to Wayne,Contract harvesting owner who gives him a day job .Why him among all others he met during his voyage? Not just because pays,but he gives freedom in his work and Chris enjoys it much.Moreover,Wayne is good to Chris.

Later in the film,he does another day job.But quits as soon as she tells this.

Starting from initial scenes,Director provides hints to viewers through out the film about how this going to end.

Chris doesn’t want to go back to materialistic world again.

Throughout the film,Chris speaks intellectual dialogues relating to situations showing immense maturity in words for a 23 year old guy.

Paraphrasing Tolstoy’s words

I really liked the final chapter in the film “Getting of Wisdom”. Fitting end to the film proving top class film making through it.Conversation with the old man at the top of the hill.Age doesn’t have to do anything with maturity.

Hey Chris! May your soul travels out there Eternally!!!