Vije, the surge in the number of male commercial chefs was not bolstered by a campaign that read…
Jerry Incandenza

Oh just to reply to more men being chefs, I always thought men were better at it. As it turns in and there’s enough studies on this. Men dominate a lot of industries simply because we have built a patriarchal-based male dominated industries. There’s no need to have “Get more men interested in cooking now” type stuff. It’s just easier for men to get into this profession, like a lot of others. And cooking industries are too tough on women especially when they decide to have children. This industry is literally 24/7. There’s no time for kids, so career advancements for women are limited. So why you might not see such a big issue with more males here is due to this stress. However have a look here on why there is less female chefs. The problems are deeper than the obvious:

The decline in women in the tech industry has to do with the push towards building products and a working culture that suits men more. I can work there and talk to the guys, drink my beer and play games. It benefits the boys to grow in that industry and become good coders for example. As a result, women are not comfortable there so they feel demotivated not to join in. Would you like to work in a tech industry where (if female dominated) was really pink everywhere, lots of male go-go dancers were hired for the parties and everyone talked about other men and watched rom-coms? See how this would deter men? Now see it it from their perspective.

And finally, the cause for a very few women in construction is actually NOT physical as things have changed. There’s tools and tech where heavy phyiscal work isn’t as bad, even though the working hours are still really tough. The construction industry has one of the highest sexual harassments and discriminations because there’s guys like you who keeps telling women “this job is a man’s job, you are too soft and fragile to cope in this environment”.

Look at these articles about why few women in construction industries. I quote the article. Most women are facing serious barries and most of it is sexual harassment and bullying. A whopping 88% of them experience harrasment of some form.

So do some research and you’ll see what the evidence tells you.

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