Enjoy music and other audio with Portable Wireless B13 Bluetooth Speakers compatible with MP3, MP4, Smartphones, and Tablet PC

Enjoying your favorite audio and music is now been easy as you can get the best quality output with portable wireless B13 Bluetooth speakers just about anytime and anywhere. These speakers are compatible with all your media devices like tablet, PC, smartphone, MP3, and MP4. The portable speakers are super portable with wireless Bluetooth technology that would connect them to the media device without any hassles. You can carry these speakers during travelling as the playing time is 5 to 8 hours once fully charged. The charging time is usually 3 to 4 hours.

Clear Sound Quality

You can enjoy high fidelity sound through the inbuilt resonance radiator device in the stereo speakers. The small sized speakers would bring up amazingly loud and clear bass effect with highly efficient power amplifier fitted in the system. Don’t determine the sound quality from the size of the speaker as it is surprisingly loud and in line with many bigger speakers.

Compatibility with most of the devices

The set of portable speakers offer you utmost flexibility in terms of usage as they can be used with variety of devices starting from computers, laptop, tablet, to mobile as it comes with 3.5 mm universal jack that goes well with just any gadget. If using these speakers with mobile then you would also like the speaker phone function which lets you talk directly from the speakers. There is an inbuilt microphone that would make your voice clear even when you are talking through speaker calling function.

Take the entertainment to the next level by selecting the right accessories for your devices.

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