• As we started a new Unit we had learned a lot of new words about sports. No doubt we will need them and especially if we are going to be a FIFA volunteers(🙏). So there are some of them:

Track and field — легкая атлетика

Pommel horse — конь

Balance beam — бревно

A buck — козел

Uneven bars — брусья

Pole vaulting — прыжки в высоту

Archery — стрельба

Puck — шайба

Shuttle — челнок

  • Secondly, I have learned some new kind of sports of which I didn’t know before. For example, lacrosse, softball, frisbee, netball.
  • Thirdly, I now know several rules how to name an action when you do this or that sport. For example, we play soccer but practice judo and do yoga.
  • Moreover, we talked about Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. At first I was scared a bit because tenses were not my best side. As it turned out it wasn’t that difficult, we just need to think a little.


We record a retelling of 11 chapters for our Home Reading class. And I think I did it good, as to the notes that our teacher wrote to us😅. It was rather difficult for me to retell the plot in which every detail was important I think.


This week we started a new class — World Literature. So now my challenge is to read attentively because this semester I want to get as much automatic grades as possible. That’s why now I can’t sleep while I am in the train to Ivanovo and back, now I must read. Get a grip, Victoria.


On Friday we together with group 101b and Tatiana Igorevna talked about voting. There were a lot of different thoughts on different questions. But one question “why people do not want to vote?” made me think.

Well, I think that people are just sure that nothing will change. But they want changes and with the same president nothing is going to change. Yes, we have free education and free medical treatment. BUT. Who want to take part in making a decision about the president if nothing is done to make people’s life better. Moreover, now there is a law that we can’t use foreign treatment. And what now? People who have cancer are going to die if they don’t have money to go abroad?

Sorry, I just got carried away.

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