I’ve watched some videos about sport games.

The first one was about cricket. Anyone can play this game, at all ages. The game is played between 2 teams 11 players in each. The rules of this game are very hard. For me at least. I’ve watched the video about this game 4 times, really and still can understand only half of it :). I think I should try to watch it one more time tomorrow or some time to check myself if I had remember something or not. So, it’s a tough game for me.

Inning — подача

Batsman — бетсмен

The second and the third were about gymnastics, men’s and women’s. I liked the floor exercise and parallel bars. Especially men’s. It’s so graceful and beautiful(I can’t find any other word for that because it really was beautiful). I even can’t say this about women. They do it good, technically but it didn’t affected me that much. Also there is so much strength that is needed to do all the items. It also amazed me a lot.

And the forth video was about lacrosse. I haven’t heard about this sport before, but it quite an interesting kind of activities. From the video I have learned that all the players have safe uniform. Safety is very important in this game. It seems to be quite an ordinary game but when you look at all this bats you want to play this game yourself. So maybe when I am in the US I will find the opportunity and play this game.

Endurance — выносливость

Explosive — взрывной

Prohibit — запрещать

Eyewear — защитные очки

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