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Alex Smith you’re absolutely right. The air ball three led to a 3-pointer, and the Berry strip led to two Gonzaga free throws. Also could look at the two UNC fouls 90-feet from the basket that led to free throws: one after Collins (or Tille, can’t remember) got the rebound and traveled, the other on a simple out-of-bounds on UNC that the ref came running in to call the foul on when a simple play on would have sufficed. Williams-Goss got away with a lot of push-offs on drives too, and some of them led to fouls on UNC. This officiating was egregious and it was egregious all the way around. The best way to say it is the biggest call (Meeks on the line) definitely went against Gonzaga, but I’d say without a doubt that the net of the terrible calls went fairly heavily against UNC.

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