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This seems a touch biased with mostly showing calls against Gonzaga. The officiating was definitely all around terrible, but I thought UNC got the short end most of the night. The double foul you mention was a clean strip by Berry, instead Gonzaga got two free throws as well. Mathews airball overturned led to a 3- huge swing there. Williams-Goss got away with countless push offs on drives to the basket, and even drew foul calls on them. On one defensive rebound Collins (maybe Tille) traveled, then got 'fouled' 90-feet from the basket. Instead of UNC ball under their own basket, Gonzaga got 2 free throws. Another defensive rebound was a simple out-of-bounds on UNC, instead one ref came in and gave Gonzaga 2 free throws. What I’m saying is the big call will be Meeks, but the net terrible officiating definitely seemed to go against UNC in my opinion- especially considering that a half-court game with no flow is the LAST thing they want.

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