Are we looking at the other side???

The very reason I ended up writing this is because of two posts that I came across recently. It just made me wonder as to what image Bihar carries???

The first being a comment from someone real stupid — “The chief Minister of Bihar”.Though I didn't even bother to go into the details of his stupidity which becomes evident every time his picture appears in the public yet from whatever captions tell you, I could figure out it was something about the sensitive issue of reservation. I am not at all interested in putting my views about the topic of reservation neither do I care about what thought Mr. Manjhi must be carrying but the immediate reactions and the comments on the social media left me wondering as to what image this man had made of himself. Wait! He is the honorable Chief Minister, so I correct myself with what image he made of Bihar?

For those of you who just would die without reading the post I am mentioning here about, I am putting the link. I still have not read it! Trust me.

Ever wondered, how this man became the CM??? He had been a state minister for years now but come on! CM! We thought Bihar had done the worst giving Rabri Devi the power in the past. Here is the story put short.

Mr. Nitish Kumar, the former CM of Bihar, won with an overwhelming majority in 2010 state assemble debacle in alliance with the BJP. Now this was because he had worked like none earlier 2005 onward. So much so that Bihar and Gujrat were the two states that progressed the maximum between 2005 to 2012 from wherever they stood earlier . Afterall Bill Gates doesn’t commend everyone here and there. Come 2013, the bitterness started to breed as indications about Mr. Narendra Modi being the prominent PM candidate geared up. I guess the praise had given wings to the dreams that Mr. Kumar was having. The result was Mr. Kumar and BJP separating eventually. This made Janta Dal (United) short of seats in single digits by count to claim the majority in the state assembly. Guess who came to the rescue? RJD under Mr. Lalu yadav, the biggest rival that Mr. Kumar had definitely before the alliane broke. Politics, you beauty! I guess some divine power had come up to bind the age old rivals together the second the alliance was broken. Faith however is not that beautiful and cheap. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, out of the total 40 seats contested upon for the Lok Sabha, BJP (including it’s alliances) and JDU stood at 31–2!!! The chief Minister of bihar, infact the ruling Chief Minister of bihar had managed only 1 of 40 seats. the superego kicked in. Morality all of a sudden woke up. Lightnings and thunders happened. Mr. Kumar offered his resignation and since the state assembly was still having his party in the majority (thanks to RJD), he put forward a replacement for himself. The best option would be to have a puppet to take all the blames when needed. No body gives you the blame and you control the strings. Another dimension of royalty. Well Played Sir!

But Why??? Why of all people Mr. Jitan Ram Manjhi? The above explanation is the best and the closest anyone came to answering the WHY. The arrow had left the bow. The image was made.

This reminds me of another video. The other Side.

There is an another side to Bihar as well. In one of those humorous posts the second post, I mentioned about in the beginning, A one line description of Bihar was given as “A,B,C,D…..UPSC”.

This post amused me. The other side I am talking about is the progress that Bihar is making. You often hear about a Rickshawpuller’s son cracking IAS or IITJEE or AIIMS. Ever wondered why? Or, are you one of those who just appreciate and move on?

How can’t he!!! How can someone who has seen his family sleeping hungry saving half of the bare income, sweating it day in and night out just that their son or daughter can study, not crack these small hurdles? These students have seen that depth of darkness in their lives that clearing exams is not at all an obstacle for them. There is only one fear that remains. How will he/she afford the fees? They still do. This is the brightest part.Some of them are so hard working that if given the resources, they can accomplish any feat. They have seen no electricity, mud houses with an asbestos roof, mosquitoes, grief, no luxury etc. So much so that when faced with adversities, they smile their way out. I do not intend on saying that no electricity or mosquitoes are good. What I want to say is that they stand so much on negative X that the only way they can move is towards the positive X.

Wait. What then about the crimes, Rapes, stories not only in Bihar but outside also by Biharis??? I once heard a very learned friend of mine saying that Biharis do only one thing. They drive autos in Delhi and they rape Women! Yes. People from Bihar are known as being a bit arrogant and backward. They often are the ones committing crimes. More than 50% of them lack the basic manners and amenities. Their roads might not be good, their might be no malls, they might have a tone you can laugh at, they might have rituals and traditions that look so lame but then aren't we not pressing the ‘R’ key here? Aren’t we looking only on one side?

Why else is it that you find people from Bihar in every damn corner of India. Yes, they drive autos in every city and not only Delhi dear friend but then once you enter the buildings those autos drop you at, they still are there in the offices and their number is growing. So many IAS officers, so many IITians and so many of them in Multinational companies, so many students preparing for competitions burning the midnight oil literally because there is no electricity…. How about those small fights that the rickshaw walla is fighting everyday? How about the very low speed of development? Still then their is some development. Bihar still faces a lack of electricity and crap but they are improving. They might be crawling, but they are moving forward.

If you bothered to watch the video, you would have noticed that you can see only one side at a time. It’s your call whether you want to press the ‘R’ key or not. The real good point is that irrespective of that choice the other side is also moving and it is moving fast. Bihar is changing. The change is visible and in the next 20 years, it will have changed for sure. It’s time we changed our mindset.

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