A poem on Logic

To quote Mephistopheles, one of the chief devils, and temper of Faust

My friend, I shall be pedagogic
and you say you ought to start with logic…

Days will be spent to let you know
that what you once did at one blow,
Like eating and drinking so easy and free
can only be done with One, Two and Three.

Yet the web of thought has no such creases
and is more like a weaver’s masterpieces;
One step, a thousand threads arise,
hither and thither shoots each shuttle,
The threads flow on, unseen and subtle
each blow effects a thousand ties.

The philosopher comes with analysis
and proves it had to be like this
The first was some the second so,
and hence the third and fourth was so,
And were not the first and second here,
Then the third and fourth could never appear.

This is what the students believe
But the have never learned to weave.

By: J.W. Von Goethe, Faust

Originally published at tiwarivikram.wordpress.com on May 11, 2011.