Change is Imminent

I am right now in the bus. Going back to the hostel right now. Nish is sleeping beside me, troubled, still fast asleep. The bus is full of students discussing the question papers and some making plans for the night. Right now we are passing over the River Ganges. Looking down at it I am hit by the feeling that came to me during the exam today. The river is the pride of India, but here it is flowing through a single stream, though the stream is wide still its quite a shame. Its not what its supposed to be, what it used to be.

the change is imminent..

I am still trying to organize my thoughts over what had happened today in exam center. We had the exam of Web-designing just hours before. The exam was a bit troubling. Not in the manner of the normal question response manner, but in the manner the question paper was presented.

Half the questions in the exam sheet were concerning networking.

My head is revolving over why did it even happen. The web services and networking are two very different subjects of study and are just dependent over each other in the application area phase. The web services require networking in the backdrop. They provide the basic framework on which the web services are deployed and run through.

But after looking through this exam I feel that there is a change incoming. And it is upon us. Gone are the times when there was just the networking or simply understanding the web development languages could do the trick of being a successful professional/application. Now are the times for the desperate measures to be in action.

There had been various notable changes in the web-development since its dawn.

There was a time when the HTML had just arrived. And it changed the world as we knew it. The contents were now made accessible over the networks. Data was being made public on the internet. The businesses were booming due to such a large access ability.

Then came the time of using that available data to attain the information. The web based applications were now at the forefront of the web industry. No static data now. Now we apply various information conversion variables over it and voila! We get the amazing Information.

Ok! So now the data is converted into the information. Process Done! (as according to the basic meaning of computer machines system). But that’s where they were wrong. Now came the age of presentation. We are still thriving in it. This is the age of providing the Information, based on the available Data in the most user-friendly and interactive Presentation. We attained the control over this presentation over both the ends by the implementation of the scripts on both ends. We made the data seemingly more interconnected and portable and persistent in presentation.

But after looking at today’s exam I felt that there was a change coming. There are various signs of it around. We are now making or services available over a variety of devices. We are making our mobile computing more reliable.

What is coming now?

I believe its the use of networking to a greater extent in the web services and applications. Now what the users and developers require is seamless inter-connectivity, faster and secure connection mechanisms, reliable data delivery protocols and some distributed routing protocols. There are somethings that are currently I am witnessing. They are under the development phase and are promising a lot of caliber into them. Naming some of them here might be a partiality. But I promise that they will be here soon. Though you might not know their existence, but you will feel it in the streamed connections.

The wider streams with the data flowing in full capacities…

Now I am at Naini Bridge, over the Yamuna River. The data.. Oops! water, is flowing with full capacities. Nish is awake and complaining about the traffic jam that is preventing us from reaching the hostel. And I am smiling. ☺

Evolution of the Web. Credits:
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