Dear Facebook, stop introducing Snapchat in everything.

We know you’re a rich spoiler brat. We know you wanted that fancy new Snapchat toy before the Christmas of 2013. We know Snapchat wasn’t for sale.

However this does not mean you start adding the core functionality of Snapchat to all of your applications.

You introduced Instagram Stories, a blatant copy of Snapchat back in August 2016. We users didn’t complain because it fit right in with the whole idea of Instagram, a social media application where you shared photos and videos.

Then came Messenger Day circa October 2016. We were confused on why the UI looked the exact same as that of Instagram Stories. Did you copy paste the entire functionality?

Today 24th February, 8 years after WhatsApp was founded to create an intuitive cross-platform messaging application, you throw away the entire original foundation and introduce WhatsApp Status to turn WhatsApp into another supposed Snapchat killer. Stories and Day didn’t kill Snapchat, third time’s a charm right?

You throw away the core idea of WhatsApp to fulfill the egoistic hate you have for Snapchat. You introduce this intrusive feature by throwing away something perfect in hope to kill your competitor and establish monopoly over social networking industry. You know this won’t hurt your userbase numbers at all. But I believe this will hurt your users' morality.

Please stop bloating your applications with unnecessary features and stop removing the features which are already perfect. If you’re gonna introduce snaps in WhatsApp, don’t make them so intrusive. Give us an option for text status or snap status. Don’t transform WhatsApp into another social network.

That’s just my opinion.


Tiffany: “OMG did you check out Alice’s 5s video?”

Brittany: “Oh yes the one on WhatsApp? She went to Disneyland without us! Traitor!”

Tiffany: “No not that one.”

Brittany: “Ok the Messenger one? Her new apartment looks beautiful!”

Tiffany: “Not that one either.”

Brittany: “Are you talking about the Instagram story? She makes amazing lasagne.”

Tiffany: “What applications are you using? I’m referring to the Snapchat video with her new kitty.”

PPS: Are you using the same API throughout WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger? Can you open source it so I can implement 5s videos in my Flappy Bird clone game?