Point of Apple Watch Explained

It’s been a while since the Apple Watch was launched and now, on wrists all around the world this nifty piece of tech has started to pop up.

What is it?

The Apple Watch Apple’s latest product and is essentially a watch with some cool “on the go” features and can run App Store apps that have added ”Watch Capabilities” like Instagram.

It comes in a box bigger than your iPhone, which seemed pretty useless to me. But you can make a drone out of the box (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcT9Ql76Bdk) and just throw away the watch. But if you decide to keep the watch, a wild problem appears! What do you use it for?

What to use the watch is a problem many users are having. I think it is because they have too high expectations when buying one. Don’t have! It’s a cool piece of tech, not an iPhone. It has many cool features like exercise tracking that an iPhone doesn’t have to that extent or accuracy. But still, it’s more of an extension to your iPhone. Most apps or features even require your iPhone to be connected via Bluethooth.

Two Apple Watch Sport Edition. Blue: 38 mm. Space Gray: 42 mm

But If It’s Not An iPhone, What Can It Do?

It can actually do quite a lot, it just needs the right apps for it. But if we’re talking about the basic apps, those can measure time (which any watch should be able to), check the weather, and ask Siri a bunch of pointless question (aka Q&A), and so on.

But it’s when it comes to non-official apps, that’s where it gets interesting! The possibilities are endless! Many well-known apps have already created some special features just for the watch, but most of them are just glances into the full apps on the iPhone. An example is Instagram, they made an app for the watch that let’s you check recent posts on your feed. But thats about it, nothing too extreme.

Apple Watch laying in the sun for no reason other than getting a cool photo.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

My favorite feature is that the watch gives clear notifications. If you miss notifications on your phone, getting an Apple Watch will be a life-saver. When you get a notification on your phone, you get it on your Apple Watch as well. A clear haptic buzz on your wrist as well as a quick pling notifies you! Raise your wrist and there is the notification! Some apps, including Messages, allow you to respond right away. Either by speech, pre-set messages, or Emojis.

Now that’s all the fancy things about the Apple Watch. Let’s talk a bit about the bad things. … Ok, we’re done! There isn’t anything bad about it (I think so at least). It all comes down to what you expect when you get it. If you expect a next generation iPhone you will be disappointed, no question. But if you expect a cool watch with some iOS-extended features you will, most likely, be happy with it.

Battery life was the only problem I was having with it. But! That’s not because of the watch, it’s because of the watchOS I’m running (the watch’s operating system). I’m currently running the watchOS2-BETA that will be released to the public this fall. BETA’s are always packed with bugs (and new features) and they always affect the battery! So my watch dies after about 7 hours (not using all the time). But please remember, it is NOT because of the watch, the watch has a great battery life if you run the current watchOS. Just don’t get the BETA like I did…

Who’s The Watch Best For?

It most fitting for people on the move. Whether it being exercising or being busy, you will have use for the watch.

If you are the exercising type and want it primary for that, you should get the Apple Watch Sport (it’s cheaper than the rest as well). The watch even has two apps built in for workout, one that tracks calorie burning, standing time, how much you exercise, steps, and even more. In second app you can start workouts like a 10 minutes run, or a 30 minutes run. But if you aren’t happy with those, there are more than 20 other available on the App Store.

If you are a busy worker or want quick and simple access to your updates getting an Apple Watch would be a good idea. It speed up productivity and keep you up to date with notifications without disturbing your workflow. It’s actually good that you can’t do everything on your watch because otherwise you might start to watch cute cat videos and then the work day is gone!

Reasons To Buy An Apple Watch

– You miss important notifications on your iPhone. — You want a tool to keep track on your exercising. — You want a cool watch with some even more chilly features. — You are a busy person and want

But don’t get one expecting a iPhone on your wrist, it is an extension to your iPhone.

Originally published at www.viktoraron.com on July 9, 2015.

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