ELECTRONEUM — Crypto currency for everyone with a mobile device.

What is Electroneum? Electroneum has been developed to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, easy access to crypto currency. Within minutes of installing the mobile app, users can see Electroneum added to their wallets via a unique mobile miner. Almost all crypto currencies are “mined” with special equipment. Electroneum can be mined with a mobile app. We have developed fully functional crypto coins with some very unique features. We identified several major markets and we’ve created free Apple and Android apps that allow us to start penetrating those markets from day one after token sales (October 31, 2017).

The crypto currency market, so dominated by Bitcoin, has been broken and catalyzed by the introduction of new thinking and new technologies. Electroneum shows another big leap forward; It offers investors a typical of the rapidly returning potential of viable ICO products, as well as the opportunity to become early adopters of what may be a significantly annoying technology. Where the use of the former crypto currency is almost entirely a speculator domain and understands technology, Electroneum is set to become the first digital coin to use common use because of its ease of use for the ordinary mobile user. The main points of difference for Electroneum are as follows:

• The maximum coin volume of 21 billion, which means the transaction has only two decimal digits and has a ‘real money’ perceived by Bitcoin

• Electroneum wallets can be easily managed on smartphones, and coins can be generated by unique mobile miners who run as background activities.

• It allows micro-transactions and very fast currency to be transferred between various applications, games / games and users.

• It relies on its own homemade blockchain, unlike many other currencies launched in 2017 so far.

It has a single-minded development team behind it, with a clear objective to break entry and dominate the mobile currency market The outline review of this proposal outlines in detail the concepts and planning behind Electroneum and the big opportunity at ICO in September.

Crypto currencies, coins, tokens and other digital assets based on blockchain technology are currently experiencing a booming growth period. Blockchain technology allows the first true internationalization. The wave for crypto currency investing has only picked up since the beginning of 2017. Over the next five years, market cap of crypto ecosystem is expected to grow from $150 billion to $1 trillion. There are more than 1170 alternative crypto currency trading today, with new cases of use for blockchain emerging every week. Investors need to think carefully before choosing a project to make sure the team, the technology and the idea make sense. Electroneum, hits the nail. Amazing team, innovative and unique idea, no competition, working product, record setting community of close to 300,000 participants.

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