What I Have Learned in Two Years of Digital Marketing

I have always been a dreamer and have given it my all to make those dreams become a reality.

If you’re not dreaming big for yourself and your personal goals then who will do it for you?

Just pondering…

My goal has always been to create some huge online project.

Not for the money.

The reason is that online world makes me happy and I need to make an impact.

I want to show to the whole world that anyone can succeed.

Every entrepreneur should believe in what they do and always remain optimistic.

Because from my point of view positivity always win, always.

My First Steps in Online Entrepreneurship

It all began when I first started selling my own products on Amazon.

I was introduced to terms that I had never heard of before. Terms such as Keyword Research, Optimize Content on Your Product Page, Promoting Your Product, Facebook Marketing, SEO, and many more.

I have found out here already that digital marketing is something that I like and the direction I wanted to pursue.

I started selling a product which was one of the most competitive ones on Amazon, a set of Bluetooth Headphones.

Valersy Bluetooth Headphones

Good or bad decision?

I managed to start with this business very well.

At the three-month mark, I sold 20–30 pieces per day with a profit of 18 USD on each sale.

Sales on Amazon

Unfortunately, my amateur mistake caused that I lost my oppurtunity to develop my business on Amazon on a higher level.

Therefore, I always say that we are not entrepreneurs but we are students.

What happened?

After Christmas, I didn’t have enough in stock and sold out of my inventory. I had been waiting ten days for the new products from my supplier and had lost my seller ranking position in Amazon algorithm which I had struggled over three months for to attain.

After that, I considered all my options and decided that it would be disadvantageous to spend more money and time again on something that may not even have for 100 % in your hands.


For the whole time I was selling my product on Amazon, they changed terms and conditions several times!

This caused me many inconveniences. For example, Amazon would delete reviews that were not “verified”. It significantly influenced sales.

This inconvenient business model discouraged me and I decided to start something else.

It started with WordPress…

I began to learn how to code my stand-alone website on WordPress.

As a result, I was able to code my own templates, program plugins, and much more.

Source Code

This has truly helped me in my marketing position because all of my projects are now running on WordPress.

In addition, I started making my first online income by coding templates and completly website creation for companies and entrepreneurs.

I think it’s a good start, huh?

But, it takes some time…

How I started working in Digital Marketing and what I really learned.

After all of my experiences thus far, including the ability that I was able to create my own projects on WordPress by myself, I started to engage actively in digital marketing.

It’s exactly two years from the day I started.

What I have learned and how?

“How” is simple to answer.

I was reading huge sources about digital marketing every day then I tried to work with it in my projects.

I regularly read from authoritative websites.


· Backlinko from Brian Dean

· Matthew Barby

· Mozt Blog

· Kaiserthesage from Jason Acidre

· Stone Temple Blog

· Search Engine Journal

· Search Engine Land

And follow on Twitter accounts of many great people who are good at SEO and other marketing industry.

Affiliate Marketing

· Charles Ngo Blog

· Conversions Rate Experts Blog

· Growth Hackers Blog

· Social Media Examiner

There are a lot of resources where you can get a plethora of knowledge.

How did it help me in my personal development?


I own websites that earn money through affiliate marketing and advertising.

But this is just the beginning. There is a huge amount of work ahead of me.

During two years I have learned one basic thing. Many of you are still not implementing.

You ask what?

When you fail to use the information you have learned, you will always remain at the starting line….never pursuing your dreams.

You are not pushing your project forward but the most important thing is that you are not pushing your SKILLS forward.

This is a dire mistake.

You MUST start now.

Hard work and patience is the key to success.

But comes a day as mine…

You can learn a lot from free available sources, but you won’t find there what you need to be best.


Experiences from projects, that you did in the past. This is what you pushes forward.

This is exactly what I am now facing.

Very frustrating for me.

I have a huge journey ahead of me to get to the place I want to be but I can’t learn this from the publicly available sources.

And, let me explain why.

This valuable information can be obtained from gurus in the same field but is not readily available to the general public.

It is very hard to get someone to give you their knowledge based on their experience in this industry.

And I am not even suprised.

There are three ways to get to their level faster.

1. Contact people in the same industry and ask many questions in hopes that they will be willing to share their experiences/insight.

2. Go to work for a digital agency and obtain the experience.

3. Find a mentor (guru). But it’s probably a question of money.

What will I do now?

I am now more in contact with people aspiring to achieve the same thing as I.

I am searching for a mentor which have proven to be very difficult to find.

But in these area I’m still an amateur, let me please know if you are aware of any option how I can get to these key information from these people.

What are your experiences?

How do you push your boundaries?

Share your experiences in the comments below…