Creamfields 2016 Review

Arc Stage

I am very glad that I decided to visit Creamfields this year. Organisers lured me into the festival with their plans to build new stages.

The list of artists has always been impressive, but the production quality has not developed over the years.

I used the Big Green coaches company again. In my opinion, they have reasonably priced tickets to festivals and the fact that they take you in and from a festival is a plus. I have used their services to get to other festivals before.

I like the fact that the Creamfields team haven’t spammed me through email and facebook. All emails were of good quality and without repetition. I especially loved their video of the new stages -they delivered what they promised.

Line-up of Creamfields 2016

The line-up was great this year. I really wanted to see Jack U. This is the only place where I could see them in the UK this summer. I wanted to hear A-Track, Knife Party, DVBBS, Malaa, Marshmello and see the Calvin Harris show at Creamfields.

We were extremely lucky with the weather this year. All rain clouds missed the festival on Saturday and it was wonderful.

Arc stage

It was a massive stage. Somewhere they wrote that this is the biggest stage in England. I can’t argue with that claim. The size was very similar to the main stage of EDC UK 2014 at Milton Keynes.

EDC UK 2014

The stage had a lot of displays and a colossal number of lights too.

The volume of music and bass were amazing. They covered almost the entire dance floor. It was the best quality and volume of main arenas that I have ever heard. Approximately the same equipment was on the main stage at EDC UK 2016. I thought that Arc sounded not only louder, but better this time.

A small negative was that you weren’t able to see musicians very well sometimes because they were so far back on the stage.

I would like to highlight the performances of Annie Mac, Axwell & Ingrosso and Alesso from what I saw on this stage.

Sound system: L-Acoustics

Horizon stage

It looked different from the Arc stage. It was a quite familiar look for Creamfields festival. The Horizon stage was a bit smaller, but the structure was more interesting and complicated. In my opinion, a lot of small screens did not pervade the atmosphere of videos or some of VJs couldn’t manage to present their videos nicely on the screens

When I was on the dance floor of this stage, it wasn’t loud enough for me after visiting the main arena. There was a great contrast of the stages with regards to the volume and quantity of bass.

Sound system: L-Acoustics

Steal Yard

This was a great surprise for those who attended this year’s Creamfields. I have never been inside a tent of this size before. It gave me the impression of a huge warehouse.

It had a huge stage with large screens and many different types of lights. Also, they installed an excellent addition of lights on the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor. It gave a cool effect to their shows. It seems to me that it would be nice to put lines of lights on the sides as an added bonus.

I want to say that the stage had a good sound system and a lot of subwoofers in this tent but it was rarely was playing with high volume. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed about the beginning of the Jack U set, because when they started to play the bass and the volume was less than I expected. It was very annoying for me. I did not expect such an issue from this festival. Basically, I can’t understand what sound engineers are for when I believe they must sort that kind of situation out straight away. Fortunately, the second part of their show had a good quality of sound . Nonetheless, a lot of artists were playing with the volume down in this tent, and it affects the perception of visitors to this music tent.

I would like to mention that the coordination of traffic in this tent was very organised. There was a separate entrance and exit from this tent. Also, staff controlled the number of visitors inside the tent.

I liked performances of Martin Solveig, Eric Prydz, Kölsch and Jack U.

I sadly missed Chase and Status, because the tent was full.

Sound system: L-Acoustics

Mega arena

This was another huge tent. The size greatly impressed me too. Despite the fact, I saw it was only half-full most of the time. I do not know what the problem was with it, or why only some artists were able to fill it to capacity.

The stage had three large screens with lights. Some screens were located across the tent. I saw something similar at EDC 2016 in the Drum and Bass tent. Maybe, they should update that tent in the future because the Steel Yard tent looked much better, and attracted more attention.

EDC UK 2016

I personally missed a good volume of music again. It was evident that it had a good number of speakers but it didn’t work as well as it could. I came to listen to music and feel it. That is why I wasn’t overly excited by this tent.

Sound system: L-Acoustics

Towers Arena

The tent was an excellent size for artists who appeared in it. It was almost full all the time.

I liked the structure of the stage and its lights. The team responsible for the screens did a good job, and there was always something interesting happening on the screen.

I cannot understand how a large tent can do without a good amount of subwoofers. There was very poor bass! It had a very loud level of treble at the same time.

Sound system: d&b audiotechnik

Andy C present Ram / Ants / Fatboy Slim present Smile High Club

This was the same size as the Tower arena. I appreciated that the stage changed every day. My favourite theme was Ants, but I missed the additional decorations which are usually present and complement the atmosphere at this party.

The list of artists was fantastic in this arena.

I don’t know why on the first day there were problems in this tent with the sound again. I noticed that it was quiet and the microphone was poorly configured. Yet another negative opinion of sound configuration at Creamfields festival. I am glad that all could be heard well on the second day though.

It seemed to me that inside this tent, there was more mud than others. Moreover, the team left deep furrows in the ground from their vans/trucks on the last day.

Sound system: d&b audiotechnik

Curve arena

It had a wonderful design on the stage and a good amount of lights for the tent. To be honest, I only spent a small amount of time here. The sound seemed ordinary and sound system brand was not familiar to me, too.

All gone Pete Tong arena

It had the same shape as the Curve: two screens placed on the stage. I would say that it was a good option for the size of the tent. I noticed that light and the visuals were working very well with the music.

Unfortunately, it was a little too quiet and lacked bass. Why do I think so? because I could hear the people in the tent — this is the biggest indication of a quiet sound for me.

It is a pity that Sven Vath was playing so late — most of the crowd were tired by this time. As a result, the tent wasn’t full.

Sound system: Funktion-One

The Vault

It was an awesome design and concept of ​​the arena. The music played in this arena wasn’t familiar to me, so I wasn’t strongly attracted to it. For this reason, I spent little time there.

It is possible to expand and improve in the future.

The sound was normal — although I would put the volume up a bit up. It would be cool to see Drum and Bass DJs at The Vault. For example, organisers could arrange more artists of this genre on Sunday.

Mixmag arena

I was happy to be part of the Mixmag lab for the first time. I liked the design of the Smirnoff house. It was comprised of two floors with seating on the top where you could relax, enjoy a drink and watch the festival.

Sound system: Void

Red bull bar

This was another cosy bar with a pretty good design and seating area. I would suggest that they organise some kind of interactive shows for visitors.

Additional points:

  • I was surprised that the organisers refused to broadcast live this year. I’m sure there would be many who would want to watch performances from Creamfields.
  • I haven’t noticed before how strictly moderators of events controlled each post in the event page on facebook. You weren’t able to post any messages on the Creamfields event page. However, I have seen how they were constantly answering questions from fans of Creamfields. It’s nice when organisers communicate with their fans.
  • Main pathways were strewn with wood chips.
  • The festival had a good variety of food stalls.
  • I personally like the big capacity of Creamfields.
  • I would like to mention that some of the tents were at a slight angle, which gives a better view of a stage.
  • I saw a lot of stuff and it bears the thoughts and planning of a well-organised festival.
  • Logistics and location were well thought out around the arenas. This eliminated the queues at arenas and the spaces between them.


  1. I couldn’t find any benches at the festival for the first two days.
  2. I often saw queues to the bar and toilets.
  3. Toilets were rarely tidy in the bronze zone and showers didn’t look like they had been cleaned for 4 days. Obviously, the number of staff was not enough.We paid money for those facilities. For this reason, I believe that we deserve a better service.
  4. By the way, there was a pool of water next to the sinks making the ground muddy. Is it possible to have some kind of protection on the ground to help prevent the build-up of mud? Washing your hands shouldn’t mean you end up with muddy shoes


Make a drum and bass arena on Sunday.

Broadcasting the name of artists on the screen in big tents.

I suggest adding a food stall to the departure area of coaches and buses

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the festival and all the great music.

My Videos of Creamfields 2016

My Photos of Creamfields 2016

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