EDC UK 2016 Review

This was my third time at Electric Daisy Carnival UK in Milton Keynes Bowl. If anyone ever had the opportunity to visit this amazing place, they would love it for sure. I first came here 4 years ago when Swedish House Mafia played. Since then, I am always happy to go back to there. Unfortunately for me, it takes more than 1 hour to get to Milton Keynes from London by car about almost the same by train.

In my opinion, the line-up of the festival was even better this year than previous years. I was surprised that you didn’t invite any artists playing underground house music or techno like you did the last two years as their popularity is still very high. However, I saw all stages were more or less full.

Kinetic Field (Main Stage)

Main Stage

I can say with confidence that this main arena is the biggest of all the dance music festivals in England, and the structure of Milton Keynes Bowl is ideal for events. Also, I would say the main stage is one of the largest decorative scenes in England. It had a wide variety of outstanding decorations. In my opinion, it looked good during the day but the stage lacked the additional screens at night time. By the way, this place has a really nice view from the top of the hill on the dance floor and you can even hear the music from that vantage point. I remember when you organised for the first time this festival in this place, there were more screens around. It was very cool but this year, I missed those screens for the full effect of this stage.

EDC UK 2014

The stage had an L-acoustics sound system. It seems to me that this brand of sound system is the most popular in dance music festivals because I have seen them used quite often. The stage had a long wall of subwoofers. As a result, it delivered impressive basslines. The optimal sound reached only first 30 metres of the dance floor. If you stayed a little further back, the volume back to taper off and you wouldn’t hear such a good sound any more. Unfortunately, the sound was hindered by the wind as well.

I liked that you booked a variety of artists on the main stage this year. All of them performed excellently.

However, the biggest negative for me was that the lighting show cannot last for longer. Being in the summer months, and the requirement for the show to finish by 11pm means the lighting show can’t last as long as you’d hope. Therefore, it’s not just your problem -this problem is every city’s festivals that can’t play music past 11pm.

I would suggest broadcasting musicians on the big screen sometimes because the small screen wasn’t big enough for that place.

Circuit Grounds (Drum and Bass arena)

Drum and Bass arena

The line-up was Huge! I have been listening to drum and bass for a long time and I can recognise how many legendary artists you invited in this year. Thank you very much for this.

The size of the tent was striking too. It was the biggest tent of drum and bass music which I have ever seen. It had a lot of lights too. I would like to highlight that you had set the light around the entire tent and screens on all poles. Maybe, some of the famous VJ would be able to utilise the equipment better, synchronising music with the light to make this even more interesting.

It had L-acoustics sound system again. It gave a good feeling of bass, but something was wrong with the high frequencies and the sound was quieter than I expected.

I didn’t expect to see the mud in the tent. I was disappointed with it. I couldn’t believe you weren’t able to solve this problem with your experience.

Cosmic Meadow (Trance arena)

I was surprised you have had this tent for the last 3 years because it seems to me that trance music has fewer fans in England. However, you invite the big names of this genre every year. For this reason, the smaller size of the tent was very suitable for this year.

Trance arena @ EDC UK 2015

I can say with confidence you installed better lights in this tent than previous years. I was pleased to see the screens halfway around the tent. I guess something similar to what was being used a couple of years ago at Creamfields. However, the use of the screens had a great effect.

The sound was fine, though I wasn’t able to feel the music.

Neon Garden

This was pale in comparison to the other arenas in all technical criteria (lights, space, sound). The light show wasn’t attractive at all compared with the rest of tents. The statue gave a small effect for the tent, nevertheless you missed the screens on the stage. Probably, it was the worst setup for the last 3 years at your festival.

The sound was very weak during DJ EZ’s set. Also, this tent was overcrowded in the evening.

Additional points:

  • It was easy to navigate inside of Milton Keynes Bowl
  • Attractions in the main arena looked beautiful and they filled the empty place on the dance floor.
  • Good choice of food and all that is necessary for the convenience at the festival
  • Great price for such a festival
  • The idea of inviting visitors to return their bottles


1 There weren’t any signs showing the direction to EDC at the train station, I couldn’t find any rubbish bins throughout my walk from the station.

2 It would be nice to at least attempt to keep the hill clean during the festival.

3 It wasn’t my first festival, but I didn’t understand which queue I should join with my ticket.

4 You weren’t able to scan tickets from customer’s phones. That was strange for me. ( the same thing at Lovebox 2016)

5 Of course, the fences around the toilet were funny. Why you even put them up if people can see right through them? I never thought that there might be a problem providing an opaque material. (The same situation was at We are FSTVL)

6 The coach tickets were sold out from London one week before the festival on green bus website.

7 There was a small number of trains from the festival. It would be great to negotiate more transport options with providers to operate in the future.

 Show walking distance to important points in minutes on the map shows
 Put an additional screen behind the VIP stand at the main arena.

I am very happy that I have attended your festival. Hopefully, I will see it in even better shape next year.

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