Introduction: Music & Me

Fortunately, in my 29 years I have heard live more than 750 DJs, Live Bands, Musicians and MCs in different styles of music ( Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rap, UK Grime, Trap, Dub, Bass Music, House,Techno, Trance, EDM and Pop Music)

I went to my first party 12 years ago. Since then, I have had a strong passion for electronic music and vibrations from loud and powerful sound systems .
I have attended at least 300 events including Raves, Live shows and Festivals. During that time I have visited over 100 different places, from small clubs to some of the biggest stadiums.
 Also, I have on my account more than 1700 hours of good loud music.

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I do Clubbing and Raving without Drugs.

P. S. I tried the half of e…. for the first and last time at my first rave. By that time, when I took the pill, I was already so excited by the the music and the party, that the affect was zero. :)
As a result, I now hang out with good music, along with a bit of coffee and sugar.

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 My Collection of Great Music ( 300+ Mixes and Live Sets)
 My Videos from Music Events

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