Why I start to write a blog

To practice my writing

How to start a story, how to make a conclusion, and how to use and combine sentences to express what I thought clearly and lively.

To record my journey

Since the next three months will be a memorable journey , I want to enjoy as possible as I can. So I use this blog to record all the details and experiences so that I still can tell all the stories next three years.

To share my point view

I know I have some decisions have to decide, I know I have some questions have to answer, at the same time, I also have many good ideas want to share!

This is a great opportunity to talk about!

To organize my thought

This is a quite important reason, I have to digest, organize then express what I thought. So sometimes you may read some ridiculous and unlogistic articls…

To enjoy the writing, of course!

Otherwise, you can’t see these words!

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