19 photos showing how people change after a week in Bali

Tourist-flooded beaches, a let-down and whatnot, there is no doubt we have all heard a criticism or two about Bali. It’s time to stop Bali bashing! Villa-Bali.com wanted to find out what Bali makes people feel like, so they brought people to the island for one week. The result? See the beauty of Bali for yourself!

#1: Ditch that smart gadget

#2: Remember the springtime of your life

#3: Know your awesomeness

#4: Do your victory pose like how it’s supposed to be

#5: Be the Queen of your life

#6: Bring out the inner child in you

#7: Express yourself freely

#8: Enjoy music again

#9: Reconnect with nature

#10: Loosen up

#11: Find your true smile

#12: Reward yourself

#13: Laugh to your heart’s content

#14: Borrow a kiss (and return it)

#15: Finally, it’s all about spending time with those who matter the most

This project is done by Villa-Bali.com. How is Bali for you? Use #villabalilife on Instagram to share your experiences!

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