The Pentagon Can’t Rely on This Turkish Air Base
War Is Boring

Since the first time I had cognizance of the ME when the USA still had an arms embargo on Israel (it as the entire ME, but the USSR was busy supplying others), it seems we have always been looking for a way to change the entire equation in the middle east. Since then I have watched the ANSWER to that get SCREWED by every president until Bush41 who kept them safe under a US no fly zone.

Today the Kurds, who for some amazing reason, still like us, are progrommed AND outright attacked by the Turks, killed by ISIS, bombed by Syria and Russia and get some diplomatic support from us.

A Kurdistan would ideally stretch from INSIDE current Iran, across northern Iraq, Syria, and southeastern Turkey reaching the Med. It would be a nation for the largest national group on earth without a nation.

They are a natural ally

They do not hate our only OTHER ally there.

Turkey has proven over several national elections, they are an Islamist nation. This is the PEOPLE’S choice there who could have rejected Erdo previously (I doubt that is true now). Turkey is in a strategic geopolitical spot but the reality is they are GONE right now, and do not belong in NATO.

Let’s get this over with and make a Kurdistan and DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO, to ensure this happens and we make over the middle east, not along lines of what foreigners want, but along national and tribal divisions.

There are suitable airbases in Kurdistan, and it SHOULD reach the Med. Incirlik is a convenience. Wheelus used to be a convenience as well.

Admit the reality, and get on with it. Turkey is no longer an ally, does not belong in NATO, and Erdo has more in common with an AMORAL IVAN, than the USA, and HE SEES IT.

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