After Moroccan King last speech, stressing the urgent need to use the demographic dividend to stimulate the emergence in Africa. “This is a godsend for Africa; it makes it possible for the continent to benefit from a young, educated and abundant labor force to drive the continent’s economic growth,” you must understand around over 11 million young Africans enter the new labor market each year, only 3 millions find a job.

One French chef is organize some actions to solve Morocco’s youth unemployment problem with unusual idea.

The french man give to the young Moroccan’s a taste of small garlic, stuffing tomatoes and taking notes in a classroom, this is the AGAPE a nonprofit culinary programme school trying to expand their options.

Mr Robert Labat ex La Teste-de-Buch seaturant, author of many book in French about cooking, year ago open his non-profit training association for chefs in Marrakech to generate work opportunities for Moroccan who need the first job.

Cooking maitre teach his students in Marrakech how to retain nutrients while cooking and to expand on their varieties of couscous, tajines and other Moroccan dishes.

Mr Wafaa Kourimi, a 26-year-old from a rural town near Marrakech who never went to high school, is thriving at the cooking school.

She says: “Mr Robert Labat teaching me to believe in myself, and work with a team.” Local commission for investment approved 30 new projects in Marrakech with an investment of two billion Dirhams 5000 new jobs.

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