Next new movie streaming in 15 seconds.

Is the day upon us where you can be at the comfort of your own home, and you can watch a big blockbuster film the day it comes out?

Possibly. But first the internet needs to do a lot of research.

The world of online media has created a frenzy of opportunity for the entertainment industry. It has television broadcasters sometimes scratching their heads, wondering “How do we do that?” Although they’re creating great content, most of it will be on the internet to stream in a couple of hours. But as a consumer, is that truly how we should be watching new programs? Probably not, but it’ll do for the person who can’t avoid those pesky Game of Thrones spoilers.

The same goes for movies as well. As much as we love to go out, and watch a new release with some friends. Enjoy a big bag of buttery popcorn, and down a litre of soda. Sometimes it’s just not a suitable option, and they would rather just stay in. Now that the days of renting a movie from Blockbuster are long gone, online streaming websites have capitalized on a big demographic of people that are movie lovers. The big company being Netflix.

The brilliant part about the Netflix brand is that it knows their demographic through and through. Their data management system tells them an extreme amount of information about how we absorb certain medias. They know which content will do well through their server and which ones won’t. The good thing about their strategy is that they don’t care about what you watch, they only care about having enough material to make people stay month after month.

As Netflix continues to soar as a company, they are now at a certain point where they can try new things. They’ve expanding seasons of some cult favourite shows, such as Trailer Park Boys, and Arrested Development. They’ve also created their own material such as House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. Which has garnered plenty of critical following, and is great for the Netflix reputation towards quality.

Frank Underwood himself would be proud of this algorithm.

But what if they were to release a film onto the platform, how much attention would it receive? And what would the data tell them about the future of releasing movies?

With their new four movie deal with Adam Sandler, they have a great opportunity, in learning about how their demographic will react towards a new film being released onto Netflix. The first thing that they would notice is how much attention the trailer would get. Being the first original movie on Netflix, they would undoubtedly get a full day of popularity on Facebook, and Youtube. Depending on how the quality of the film looks, there will be some talk on how Netflix’s subscriptions will increase, and what a new film means to the brand. Either way the movie would cost much less to market than the average film.

They also now have a new deal with Marvel, where they will be recently releasing a series based on Daredevil. The deal will also lead to other characters having their own series, and hope to bring them all together much like the Avengers formula that Marvel has already created.

Netflix is about to reach a certain point in their business, where they’ll be able to make even bigger decisions, as far as for developing their own content. Time will tell, when we’ll go to a movie theatre and see a Netflix logo before a big budget film. While many of other people will be at home watching the same film at the same time.

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