Summertime is finally here and this season’s catwalk trends are hitting the high street stores, but it doesn’t just have to stop at clothes. Using Vimanas’ one-of-a-kind online platform, you can create stunning jewellery items that are both on trend and flaunt your personal styles. Looking for some inspiration? These ten suggestions are the perfect way to capture the current trends in stunning, distinctive pendants.

Bold pinks
Pink is without a doubt the colour of the season. If going with a pink ensemble isn’t really your thing, a pendant could add a flash of colour to brighten up your look. Picking pink gemstones to enhance the shape and design of a pendant is a stylish and effortless way to wear this trend. While bold and bright may be the colour of summer 2017, you can choose paler, rosy shades for a softer look too.

Adding ruffles
Ruffles have been seen on many catwalks this season, from Mulberry to Marc Jacobs, adding a feminine and charming edge. But you don’t need to go all out to show off this trend. Vimanas allows you to add textures to your creations and a ruffle inspired pendant might be just the thing to finish your outfit this summer. You could even get creative with the shape of your pendant too, evoking the ruffle look.

Can’t decide between a few patterns or styles? This trend is perfect for you. First championed by Balenciaga last season, it’s an appearance that other labels are embracing also. Picking complementing patterns can create cool pieces that have a hippy and free-spirited feel. You’re totally free to pick the looks you love too when you use the Vimanas custom jewellery platform and bring in other trends from this season, from stripes to florals.

Statement stripes
Stripes are everywhere this summer and there’s no reason that your jewellery ought to be any different. Whether you choose a pendant that’s filled with coloured stripes or simply use stripes to accent an additional feature, it’s a simple way to stand out this summer.

Colour clash
Pink might be the hot colour of the moment, but clashing is right on trend too and the brighter the better. Adding vibrant, contrasting gems to your pendant can result in captivating pieces that are sure to earn you compliments. It’s a stylish way to take this season’s look and make it your very own, pairing with a sleek, simple outfit.

Embrace slogans
Slogan tees have been a fashion trend for the last couple of years yet they’re definitely not disappearing anytime soon. This season, everybody from leading fashion houses to high street brands have been putting quotes on their items. From activist statements to literary extracts, there’s lots of scope to make this trend your own. A pendant is the ideal place to include your own words that match your personal style and get your message across.

Asymmetric designs
The asymmetric trend is being seen on hemlines across the world. It’s a theme that’s being seen on Louis Vuitton creations and Preen designs. But it’s not a trend that has to stop at your skirt or dress. With 3D printed jewellery you can create your own skewed shapes that’ll look stunning as a pendant. Whether you pick softer, curved lines for a romantic look or rugged, strong designs, it’s a trend that you could make suit your taste.

Floral prints
You’re more likely to associate floral prints with featured wallpapers however they’re big on the fashion scene this summer. With the likes of Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana embracing this stunning, sunny trend, it’s a superb choice for a personalised pendant. Did you know that Vimanas can take textures from pictures that can be added to your customised jewellery? It’s a perfect way to show off your favourite flower print in 3d.

The 80s
Fashion has been getting an eighties vibe this year, from shoulder pads to fluorescent colours. If it’s a design you’re loving, why not further enhance it with your jewellery also. Think vibrant colours coupled with large, statement designs. It’s a trend that’s all about being oversized and making it your own, it’s the perfect time to mix and match as well so you can show off several of your favourite pendants.

Go bold
Statement pendants have always been popular and when coupled with the right outfit can look stylish and draw attention for all the right reasons. This year designers are exaggerating their styles by going bold. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create your own stand out pendant that captures your personality and style.