The Construction of my Aesthetic

So I have this big badass camera and one lens. One 50mm lens. It’s a bit limiting but it’s fun in that it’s teaching me how to get proficient and awesome at this one lens, something that will no doubt benefit me in the future. Until my website is up and running, I’ll be posting pictures on here, mostly in series form. Oh and I haven’t edited any of these photos because I am what is known as, “not good”, at editing photos. Feel free to comment on this post. Tell me they’re terrible or great or whatever you want. Share the shit out of this, even. Go crazy!

This is Veronica. Veronica lets me take pictures of her, something I’ve found that most people are not comfortable with (I’m now taking applications for friends that are vain and will just like, live, near me). As I shoot and shoot, my vision will grow. What I see and think is beautiful and what you see and think is beautiful, will most likely be two different things.

This is the beginning of the construction of my aesthetic.

Veronica stares at the entrance, hesitant.
Okay she isn’t SUPER comfortable with the camera, but enough.
Underrated: messy beach influenced hair
Kahala back, ya’ll. I’m so ashamed, I’m sorry.
Most likely she was looking at one of the ten thousand rocks and shells we stepped on
The Simpsons theme song plays in my head when I see this
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