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Art-Blogpost #6

Hello…hii…how are you…all good? Days keep passing and we mortals can’t stop the time, hah. So how is your 2022 going? I hope it’s going well. Also, I wish I will become an independent bird (want to be someone on my own) to fly free, this year is showing so many opportunities that I just can’t stop thinking about how will be the possibilities of the particular situation. Let it be we will talk about this once I’m a free bird😁, now let me tell you what was this week for me.

As I’m getting more into office-work type lifestyle (still artist are no ordinary employees, hah) I’m enjoying this, the 9-to-5 work, it’s like being in creative mode all the day which was not possible while spending time in the outdated education system (but still I stole time to upgrade strength skills). I bet first thing is to be happy with what you do (which depends on skills) unfortunately I had ‘Art’ as a superpower which makes me happy, as I progress I feel happy but now challenges are different (bigger stakes). Now I’m going to achieve beginner level (almost done/achieved) and to face the challenge to reach further and intermediate level I have to be a free-will bird. Looks like there can be a novel on me (hah, that’s useless if fail to reach the ultimate goal). So what’s your level (in your life stage)?

Last week I felt an art block where I was unable to think to draw something new but now I think it’s over, actually this time I forced myself to draw whatever there was in my mind. I think when I don’t make anything new for a month (it just happens) art block appears and by forcing to draw, I overcome that, this wasthe 3rd time, and the main reason why art block appears to me is that I don’t have regular sketching/drawing practice to warm-up every morning.

Oh, I just forgot to share this one. Actually, I thought I hadn’t recorded process of this illustration, but 2 days back when I stream my art process then I found this recording. Please watch this if like watching time-lapse of artworks.

Did you watch my Twitch channel? If not, have a look. I’m not that regular right now but I will after finishing college. Here is a link to my Twitch channel. Also, there’s a lot to work on that part like the layout and little animated stuff, etc. Once I get regular with that then I can start upgrading just like other art streamers. My favorite artist who streams their work are Rossdraws, Tofusenshi, Dizikawa, and SimzArt.

These are my small contribution to Marine Insight as Graphic Design Intern and I hope it will get better as per experience.

This is Movies-Series Things

Attack on Titan (Season 4 — part 2)

Till 2 episodes have been released and obviously they are amazing. I got shocked 2 times, once when I saw captain Levi almost dead (i was like what the f** but then I remember what actually happened last time in part 1) and second when the war started, I was confused for while like what going on, who is from who’s side. Don’t know what’s coming next, what will happen and what will be the conclusion as this will be the last part of the Attack on Titan. And just like “Game of Thrones”, Attack on Titan will also have sequels & prequels. Attack on Titan 2nd on the list of favorite series, behind Game of Thrones or I think it should be on top once I understand in depth. What is your favorite series? Are you a fan of the Dark-fantasy genre?

Quote of the Week

“Remember why you started”

I found this quote on Tom Bilyeu’s T-shirt in one of this his videos. And I think this quote is really important to remind yourself what you are doing and what’s your purpose in this life, always remember why you started.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked this. Any advice & feedbacks are welcome, it will help me grow and make content more relevant to you😁. Have a nice week ahead.



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