Who is Lazzzzzy Creature here, huh?

Art-Blogpost #7

Hello-holla frinzzz 👋…. How your goinnzzzz. This was supposed to be blog number eightzzzz but as you see now I’m a lazzzzy creaturrrrrr this issz number sevennnnn sooo yeaammmm I missed writing my thing last Saturday. OK let’s grab some coffee ☕and fresh hole (to my brain). [suuuurrrup🍵….suuuurrrup🍵….aaaaah!] Now feels good. Are you lazy, duh? See then who’s lazy, lol. Let it be, better I blame for my current surrounding🤷‍♂️.

All these 2 weeks I was a binge-watching creature (even in the slow/no network area of the world, yup I’m not where I will always be) like I watched Iron Fist, The Defenders, and hmmm yea completed whole NFS Payback. Running unaffordable🏎️ cars was by best expresses in last week, I mean after completing Payback I was again in boredom so I switched to completing watching series instead of making new art. So many personal artworks are pending but see I’m a lazy creature now. Not even come back to reading books, this, I don’t know why, after 14 hrs screentime what lazy creature would think, sleeeeeeeeeep😴💤💤, huh. Dammn boring life.

But I’ll not stop writing now….

Translate: I’ll not stop. Meme from movie “Puspa part 1”

Now as I’m earning a few bucks (is there any word similar to this in Hindi, plzz let me know in commentz) still waiting to complete college life. After this new phase of life starts life will face a new challenge, looks like already started getting into it🙄.

As 9–5 I’m busy with regular job work (still not that busy as it’s internship), after evening seriously no energy remains in the body to do another work. Last, before getting into reality I was expecting myself to be doing 80hrs/week nonstop work🧠 (to learn and make animation things) but looking at the current situation, first I need to work on removing things/scheduling time in a proper manner to achieve good productivity level by also keeping good health, I had read research papers and articles related to anime/Japanese animation industry and what I found was even the quality and demand of industry is high but animators get way lower salary than you imagine, it’s nightmare better not to think cuz it feels like slavery but animators do that on there will that’s why it’s not slavery🤦‍♂️, so it’s work done with no expectations. Seriously is this how to live a happy life, probably🤔.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

This is Movie-Series Things

Attack on Titan (Season 4 Part 2)

Till now in AOT (S04 P02) is getting more clear about what happening, [Spoilers coming] as you see in war Erens head Was shot by Gabi the whole thing comes to end but after Zeke catches Eren’s head, making contact, I think that was the main thing which was not supposed to happen but after that, we were taken to a different world. And here we get to know about Eren’s other powers which are unknown to every. One interesting thing that happened in the last ep was, every time Zeke was trying to surprise Eren but in end every time Zeke was getting shocked with the information he got, like never-ending sadness. And with Zeke, i was like ‘Sala yeh dukh kahen khatm nhi hota bey’ meme.

Iron Fist (Season 1)

Iron Fist’s character is like a mixture of Peter Parker and Tony Stark, he is Billionaire but also has a kid-type personality. This series focuses on Dany’s character, and as always side characters are my favorite, here Dany’s childhood friend (brother) Ward is my favorite. The way his character develops in the story, I just like it. This is just a good story to introduce Iron Fist before ‘The Defenders’ starts. The only thing I liked about this series was the character’s relationship, which was an interesting thing like how father-son relationship in Ward & Ernorld, Sis-bro thing between Joy & Ward and Dany was on his with all characters. I usually don’t like watching family things but I like this one because of the interesting complex relationship between characters or the reason why like ward can be how I related to the real world, lol.

The Defenders

As with all character’s series before this was damn super amazing but this was not up to the mark. There was no level of complexity of characters maybe because of short runtime (9 eps only). The story was too short to set up Alexandra, the villain. This series was more like a continuation of the previous Iron Fist series. I liked this because I liked the previous series on individual characters and definitely the tone of the series but still, I think it was not up to the mark or my expectations were high, obviously it would be just watching all previous serious.

Character from left to right: Luke Cage, Stick, Iron Fist or Dany Rand, Jessica Jones and Daredevil or Matt Murdock. One of the best scenes from ‘The Defenders’ series, sorry they never stopped so that I had no time to click proper screenshot.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Quote of the Week

“Compare yourself with who you were yesterday not with who someone else is today.”

This I found on Jordan B. Peterson’s Monday newsletter. After my friend introduce me to this guy, some doubts really got cleared. You can watch his few videos on YouTube on a few concepts, he is really brilliant.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading, hope you liked this. Any advice & feedbacks are welcome, it will help me grow and make content more relevant to you😁. Have a nice week ahead and don’t be Lazy creaturrrrr OK.



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