Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife: The only tool you will ever need

iPhone from 1891!

Swiss Army Knife is the original multitool of mankind. I finally bought one three months ago before moving to the new place & put it to good use.

Victorinox, founded in 1884, has been delivering knives to the Swiss Army since 1891. After buying Wenger, the other official supplier in 2005, they are the sole makers of Swiss Army Knife. There are a variety of Swiss Army Knives and Swiss Champ is the flagship, launched in 1986 & refined ever since. Almost every tool that Victorinox has included on any of its knives is built into the Swiss Champ.

Weighing mere 185 g and measuring only 91 mm in length, the Swiss Champ packs 33 functions!

“All the tool you need at home, in your car, bag or for an outing!”

Now you know why the versatility of the Swiss Army Knife has become a cultural cliche!

All the tools are effectively miniaturized and fully functional. They are beautifully made, thoughtfully arranged, with each tool opening & closing with a satisfying click. It’s an engineering marvel that so many tools fit in a pocket knife. The legendary quality of materials, design & manufacturing is to be experienced in hand.

When there’s something to be fixed, you never run out of quality tool! After having Swiss Champ for three months, I can vouch for that.

Some tools like Fish scalar may never be used. Knife blade could have been positioned in the central row for better grip. With so many tools, it takes getting used to fetch the right tool quickly. Problem of plenty :-)

The Swiss Champ is expensive. But you are paying for an equipment of impeccable craftsmanship that combines old world charm with modern high-end gadget feel, which will remain useful & functional forever!

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