Oracle’s Cloud Accelerated Customer Success Experience

Oracle is reimagining how it engages with and cares for customers with a focus on becoming the best cloud services provider in the industry.

Oracle is also focused on the ongoing customer experience and ensuring that every customer touchpoint and interaction is optimized for a long-term, superior ownership experience.

The Accelerated Customer Success Experience is built around the premise that in order to be the best company to do business with in the cloud, it is critical needed to be fast, be easy to do business with, and be very transparent, which have resulted in higher sales rep satisfaction as well as higher customer satisfaction. That’s been a huge positive from the Accelerated Customer Success Experience.

This transformation is enabling everyone at Oracle to unleash new ideas and figure out the best way of doing things without being bound by things in the past.

It comes with education not only people at Oracle but also customers about what it means to purchase our cloud services by clicking a button, the only way of getting faster and faster adoption of this concept, which is very unique in enterprise technology and helps speed time to value.

Organizations buy cloud services in smaller amounts and on a more frequent basis than they do on-premises applications, and they expect them to be up and running very quickly so they can immediately begin to utilize and derive value from the services.

The Accelerated Buying Experience is an aggressive new approach, driven by Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, who wanted it developed and rolled out quickly.

The goal was not only to make Oracle processes more efficient but also to make it fast and simple for customers to procure cloud services.

The entire transformation experience customers achieve in times of disruption are following:

  1. Set incredible goals that seem ridiculous,

2. Unleash your people, and

3. People will move forward and exceed them.