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#GTIdeology Rejoinder: Follow the Process to Avoid the Perception (of Nepotism)

I was struck most last night by the ongoing emphasis on perception of and parameters for working with friends.

I think it gives me opportunity to address something sometimes (not by the Happy Hour crowd) misconstrued about the #GTIdeology.

It does not disdain systems and procedures or propose internal organizational chaos. Much the contrary, its practical application hinges on systems and structures but their point is to create consistency and rigor that drives progress and frees individuals to creative action. That is just as impossible when managing chaos as when constrained by hierarchy and tending to its bureaucracy.

To the point of nepotism: searching, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, promoting, payment, and even termination systems also serve the purpose of avoiding false impressions and setting parameters.

If functional systems — that is aligned with an organization’s ideology — are in place as they should be, circumventing, contriving, or controlling them through the imposition of arbitrary authority to benefit a particular individual will always be perceived as nepotism.

Rightly so.