Radical Opportunity: Kinetic Visions and the Potential Virus
Skolny Organization

Unleashing the Potential Virus

#GTIdeology Happy Hour Rejoinder for 9/29/16

The Potential Virus is a response to dysfunctional society, which not surprisingly came under a good deal of discussion on Thursday.

The nut of the idea is this: For the vast majority of individuals, life trajectories and opportunities are defined by the circumstances of birth and/or expectations foist upon them by others.

Consequently, by adulthood, if not adolescence, the vast majority individuals have been robbed of their individual visions and define themselves by their pasts, not their potentials, living as expected, not as possible. It creates regret and despair.

I believe this: A majority of individuals will not choose to reject external expectations, even when the opportunity is afforded, but where it is afforded those who do seize it will be a particular sort of individual, the sort that still understands and values their own individual worth and potentials.

Those are the individuals, capable of re-envisioning and acting on potential, who will catch and spread the potential virus from and through the Organization.

About Vince Skolny

Vince Skolny is currently launching the Skolny Organization, a family of for-profit companies, on his radical idea that greatness is only created through the Individual. Its essential purpose of impacting the world by creating and encouraging greatness through the Individual in business, life, and society.

This is Vince’s weekly rejoinder to SkolnyOrg’s #GTIdeology Happy Hour twitter discussion.

Pronounced G-T-Ideology and comprising “7 Radical Ideas to Impact the World,” the Skolny Organization’s GTIdeology is a comprehensive ideology for business rooted in Vince’s philosophy of Greatness through the Individual.

Connecting with Vince

The very best way to connect with Vince is by hanging out with him on Twitter, you can also follow Vince on LinkedIn or join his fledgling Facebook community.

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