Do you want to dream bigger?

Look at the moon through a telescope. We know the moon is there and we’ve all seen pictures of it. But when you see it with your own eyes it kind of puts things into perspective. The moon isn’t really that far away. It’s totally reachable.

According to, the distance from Earth to the moon is about 238,855 miles. If you walked that distance at 3 mph (average walking speed), that would be 80,000 hours. 80,000 hours equals to 3,300 days. So it would take you a little over 9 years to walk to the moon.

That’s the same way I look at goals… they all are REACHABLE. No matter how long it takes. All you need to do is see it. So the next chance you get, look at the moon. It might help you see your next big move a little bit clearer.

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