Releases from Valholla Entertainment over the years

How it took 15 years for our label to release an album without any explicit lyrics

When I started my career, I mostly worked in one genre. That genre was Rap but it wasn’t until late 2006 that would start working in R&B. As a kid, I listened to just as much R&B as I did Hip Hop (probably a slight bit more). I would say every one of our releases, regardless of the genre were quality works. There is another thing our releases have in common; They all have been explicit.

Of course, we’ve had clean versions of those releases but never an album or mixtape that started off without any curse words in them. I never really kept track of this before and it wasn’t until we were going over the final details of our latest release that I realized it. On December 14th, we released our first Reggae album titled ‘Still Searching’ from Reggae-Fusion singer-songwriter King Charlz. I’ve listened to Reggae/Dancehall from early on from the radio and music videos (who remembers The Box?) so to finally work in the genre was exciting.

While finalizing the credits and tracklisting, I asked Charlz if there were any explicit lyrics and once he told me, it kicked in… We’ve never had a release like this in so many ways. I’m not sure how we went this long without this happening but I’m glad we finally broke the tradition.

‘Still Searching’ peaked at #6 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and the song with the same title of the album was featured on TIDAL’s Rising: Dancehall/Reggae playlist. The album is available everywhere now on Valholla Entertainment. For more from our roster, check out our official playlist, Valholla NOW here.