Phillies Social Media Manager Chats With Drexel SMT Students

Last Thursday Phillies Social Media Manager, Tim Stoeckle, came in and spoke to our class about his breakthrough into the industry and his roll with the organization. Tim graduated from St. Joseph’s University with a degree in sports marketing. After college during his job search Tim said he worked at the beach as a waiter. One day Tim got a text from his cousin who worked up in NYC at MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) asking him if he was interested in a part-time job. The job entailed Tim going to all the Phillies home games (on the behalf of MLBAM) and posting about the game via Twitter. Naturally Tim took the job and after the season ended the Phillies took him on full time as a team employee.

Two years later, Tim is now responsible for overseeing all the Phillies social accounts and is also personally in charge of running the teams Twitter account @Phillies. To help him stay on top of things Tim uses tools like Adobe Social to schedule posts when he is unable to. Two important pieces of advice Tim gave were to know your audience and that preparation is key. Knowing your audience is very important because that means you’ll know what buttons to push when you want a reaction and what not to say when you want something to fly under the radar. The sports industry is a very face pace environment, something can happen one minute but then something even better can happen right after. It’s important to organize your thoughts, ideas, and content this way you can get that post out seconds after it happens.