A Hope Course

A Hope Course. Hope is a beautiful word. It is a strong belief. It is the rudimentary prerequisite to all things that be and will be because everything is in a constant flux. Hope is an advancement so fluid it cannot be trapped. It is an insistence. A relay. A course. An advancement. A progress. I am on it. I am proud of it. I will do my best. One thing I can say is that it is a winding path littered with lots of things that without doubt makes an undertaking of that journey a reservation for the extremely brave. Using innovations and creativity for example, it takes one person to produce something everybody uses, or a betterment everyone else enjoys and usually not the other way round. The toil of life, the everydayness of everyday has positioned the human mind to neglect and take for granted some of the things we enjoy. We have used things and live everyday a certain way we forget that almost everything came from nothing where nothing is everything—a form or reform. The most common inclination being the ascription of everything to God or a higher being we believe in or don’t. Perfect. Because God is hope. All his creations and gifts to, come from that idea. Who cares about the years that the scientist put in? The doubts that creative had to go through? The story behind the glory, The sacrifices of people who came before? The connectedness of it all? Time. The simpleness of what we see errodes the contributions from the past and consequences of the future (of couse the one we choose to see). We forget today can easily also be the past and in the past was a today. I always consider what it all means to the future. We all have an outlook and I have never hidden the fact that I see beyond my environment not as an exclusion but a part of a bigger whole, positioning my beliefs and abilities at the exact point of intersection where I can dully make my own impact.

Hope is why I don’t ever give up. Hope gives me that self worth amidst conditions impacted by those who deal, hide their hands, and say "Can’t you see what am saying?" It is always hard until it is done. People don’t believe until they see while making the manifestation hard. I believe in informed action. I don’t like when people hold back and obstruct, choosing the instead let’s all sit and do nothing — it’s better we all don’t progress than for an investment in a predetermined evident course. Perspectives and reasons are strong determinants in all situations that is why self awareness is important. Hope however cannot be touched because it exists on a strata beyond entrapment. I have hope in some beliefs. I have hope in humanity. I have hope in the good I set out to achieve. It might not be popular or agreeable for lots of people but as I said, it takes one to do something unique for many. And amongst the many we all have our unique contributions which hinges on hope if we can dare. The sum of all these possiblities create hope again. It’s a straight path embedded in the universal circle. I will be damned if I don’t stand up for what I believe in. I must say it is hard. Dreams which is better to be very big—set huge goals if you’re to set at all, works in tandem with hope. Of course sometimes we indulge in wishful thinking and propose no course of action towards it, however, people have stolen this common disposition and attempted to blur courses with purposeful meanings which usually contain aspects not readily availability to them except boatloads of uncertainties. This is wrong.

My confidence comes from an open mind and a strive towards a self betterment, which came from the opportunities as a kid and choices as a youth. I wrote an article I see it because first of all I felt it. No one told me anything and as much as people question now, it is that way. Checking, it’s all there. Hope for the courage in going through difficult times which will fade away. In a world where we have to tangle a bit, it is easy to value our own outlooks, hold dear the things we believe in, and play down that of others. This goes both ways. Every idea has a value. But in the spirit of understanding, relationships, and an honest purpose to make a difference no matter how little or unimportant the other person considers it I insist and encourage that hope and belief in things and people that inspire us. Till we understand we all have unique purposes and the freedom to choose discussions like this will always be daunty for some.

I hope and know it will be alright. That initial seed which pushed forward my journey would blossom.



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